472 – Efficiency

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  1. RBZ

    “Yeah, I wore the tie because I figured I must be management, what with having my own office.”
    “That’s the broom closet!”

    • Lennier

      This is fair, since every Manager I’ve ever met does less work than the other staff, so much so that I’ve started using the word ‘manager’ as an epithet.

      • JediaKyrol

        you mean…there’s a nice way to say “manager”?

      • Kerilithia

        This is the truth. Some of out minor managers were caught doing real work and got told off. The boss actually put out a staff bulletin telling them not to. WTF. According to it supervisors can’t supervise propperly if they are doing some of the minor dutys of the regular emplyees at the same time as trying to make sure we are working. So they have to stop and just stand around now doing nothing.

        • HiEv

          So now they’re actually getting less done for the same amount of pay.

          That’s horrible. And inefficient. And stupid. And elitist, in that he thinks his sub-managers are too stupid to know how to do both things efficiently and he knows better than all of them.

          Ugh… I hate it when management shouldn’t be in charge of pets, much less other human beings.

          • Lennier

            It gets worse: they’re doing less work than you, for more money than you.
            Ours can’t even spell or add up. Generally, they were once regular staff who’ve failed upwards.

          • JediaKyrol

            Failing Upwards…wasn’t that a chapter in the Dilbert Principle?

          • Jerde

            Failing upwards IS the Dilbert Principle.

    • GodOfMetal

      See, that’s why the correct term for “janitor” is “facility manager”.

  2. RoyalXIII

    Hahaha! I love it!

  3. phangirl

    That moment when you say, “Who the crap isn’t doing their job?!” …and that person turns out to be you. xD

  4. AndyW

    Posting this here because I couldn’t find contact info on the site – sorry if I’m being blind.

    I was viewing the page (reached via RSS) when Norton warned me about a malicious download attack from


    I don’t know if maybe one of your ad suppliers has been compromised in some way? My machine’s coming up clean in Malwarebytes Antimalware and Norton, so I doubt if the problems my end (can’t absolutely rule that out of course :)).

    • RBZ

      I’ve had that happen to me on a few sites (not here, tho), so I’d say it’s definitely a compromised ad.

      The page that is redirected to is one of several fake ‘upgrade’ sites: Flash player, Java, Google Chrome (possibly ‘your web browser’).

  5. Jason

    Well, atleast he is the most professional dressing janitor I’ve seen

  6. prime_pm

    Good job using the word balloons to block out the chaos in the first two panels.

  7. Marscaleb

    Well that explains why the private office he has is the size of a broom closet.

    • HiEv

      You should try out for the League of Super Redundant Joke-tellers. :-P

      • Hmmm

        Ya know, the art does look awfully similar now that I think about it.

        • GodOfMetal

          That’s because rickard here also did strips for them. Doesn’t any more, though, as far as I know.

  8. Gavin

    Today, I went to the beach with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put the shell
    to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.
    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is totally off topic but
    I had to tell someone!