474 – Debunk

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  1. thissguy

    Guy’s forehead is hanging over her eyes!

    kill me now

  2. wererat2000

    Actually, it should work if you twist the neck on two axis, as the neck is only really meant to turn one way at a time.

    Essentially, twist to the side and sharply pull back.

    …I mean… Not that I would know anything about that…

    • Lord Sesshoumaru
      Lord Sesshoumaru

      It would work, but check the author’s comments!

    • Lord Nullset
      Lord Nullset

      The thing about neck-breaking (except with strikes, see below) is that it takes too much motion and too much strength at the same time to be generally practical or preferable to other means, such as trachea-crushing or blood-choking. Generally, one can apply either motion or strength, but not both.

      And so one enters the wonderful world of well-placed strikes. A sharp blow between the 2nd and 3rd cervical vertebrae can fairly easily sever the spinal cord, resulting in eventual death.

      Not that I’d know anything about the subject.

      • RBZ

        Why do the movie neck-snap, when it’s a lot simpler to just force the head to look up whilst simultaneously pushing the base of the skull towards the top of the spinal column, severing the nerves.

        I watched a documentary about a guerilla section of the Home Guard who were specifically trained in how to dispose of potential Nazi invaders.

        And I do know something about the subject.

        • Lennier

          Remind me never to piss RBZ off.

        • Bob

          An easier method is to palm thrust at the nose coming in from an upward angle, with enough force you can snap the bone and pierce the brain with it, instantly killing a person. Same way that you can kill by grabbing a persons head, slamming them down on a rail so it hits the nose, kills not knocks out.

          • wererat2000

            Or we could just shoot the bastard.

            With a gun.

            from a distance.

  3. r21187

    So fucking epic xD

  4. Jason

    So Wayne didn’t get killed and he technically got boob, so is he a winner?

    • Ourorboros

      I don’t see where Wayne got boob, but he got voluntary human contact. So he’s ahead of Moe Szylack.

  5. An Average Loser
    An Average Loser

    Guy just wants to be a Mythbuster, S’all.

  6. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    So this means Guy had 20 drinks total!?

    • SrPilha

      No, it means she had *at least* 11. But nothing says she hadn’t had 58 before those last 10.

      (To be pedantically precise, we can only say she had at least 10 drinks, since Wayne could count all of them as “last ones”. But that would imply he’s making a smart joke, so no.)

  7. Karl The Barman
    Karl The Barman

    They don’t award Oscars for attempted acting or Nobel prizes for attempted Science.

    But they do put you in jail for attempted murder.

    Sideshow Bob and I think that’s unfair.

  8. Alenonimo

    The neck snap actually works, but they can’t be done in the movies in a realistic manner. You need to twist the head ALL the way, almost full circle. It requires quite a bit of strenght and mommentum to do that, so it’s not very practical.

    I …uh, I’ve read about it somewhere.

  9. Mark

    So it was Guy dressed up as blowup doll after all, I KNEW IT!

    And doesn’t she look sexy in those pink pants and that top?

  10. CaptainGame

    And now Guy is even grumpier because now she has to spend the rest of the day knowing she helped Wayne by getting that crick out of his neck.

  11. Lennier

    Guy actually looks a lot like me when I wake up.
    Except for the boobs and stuff.