475 – Obviously

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  1. Lennier

    This clone is learning. Time to force a cache update to the vats.

    • Saskyou

      This one can hum while drinking, he’s definitely progressing!

  2. Jason

    Obviously it all makes sense

  3. An Average Loser
    An Average Loser

    Did Wayne actually call Frank out on bad ideas? The Mayans were right, the world is ending!

    • Infinite scratch
      Infinite scratch

      Those guys were never good at long term predictions

      • MangaEngel

        MAYBE they were and a certain someone made sure they stopped making good predictions before they disturbed his work? Hmmm

        • Frank

          Well, I couldn’t let them stop my doomsday devices from working before I tested them out, so I went back in time with my time machine and replaced the calendar with my great great grandmother’s fruitcake.
          It’s a family heirloom.

  4. Kirby

    So in this faction of the 2gag multiverse, at least, when Frank says something is ‘self explanatory’ it just means he’s too embarrassed to actually answer.

  5. Doofus

    You should incorporate more random animals in your comic. This one’s a real hoot =]

    • Hurrhurrhurr

      Oh please, not like it’s an owl-bear.

  6. Wincrasher

    Darn was there something in that coffee that made him smarter?

    • Dillon

      I always feel that coffee makes me smarter.

      • Wayne 3.0
        Wayne 3.0

        The avatar progression on this is amazing.

    • Dude

      You didn’t think Frank was experimenting on HIMSELF did you?

  7. CommissarFeesh

    I actually feel like you could have just used the panel 1 dialogue and spread it across two panels, and this comic would have been just as funny.

    • SrPilha

      Very true.

      But I love the second panel implying Wayne actually took quite a while to come up (seriously!) with a ridiculous explanation. Which happened to be true. :D

    • forgehe

      But that would break the 3 panel layout that 2GAG is based on.

  8. Marscaleb

    This is my favorite page I’ve seen here all year.

  9. MrJones

    I just can’t stop laughing to that bear’s face… :D

  10. Sweeepa38

    “I thought that fairly self explanatory”

    Looks like the drugs got to Frank’s English skills as well.

    • Anthony

      I think that “I thought that fairly self explanatory” is grammatically acceptable. As I read it, there is an implied “to be” between “that” and “fairly”, just as there is when one says “I find that fun” or “That seems childish”. The subject is “I”, the verb is “thought”, and “fairly self explanatory” is a description of the object “that”.

  11. RBZ

    The bear is moving very slowly towards Wayne!

    • mikkelib97

      Maybe Frank sent the bear to the sneaking school for weeping angels. It only moves when Wayne is blinking and since Frank perhaps doesn’t have made eyecontact with it, Wayne is the only one that is in trouble.

  12. MSD3000

    Bears are the most fun animal to draw.

  13. Mr Demon
    Mr Demon

    This one is more intelligent….. Unacceptable *Pulls out axe*

  14. Shadow

    He experimented with drugs? But who is on drugs? Frank, the bear or Wayne?
    Frank for riding a bear, bear for standing still and Wayne for seeing things.