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  1. Lennier

    I’d be pretty pissed off if I spent my life in a clear round bowl, too.

  2. Jason

    That fish could be sad for the same reason Claus from “American Dad” is sad

    Claus: “Your sick, I’m going to mien crapper!”
    *Turns Around*
    Claus: “I’m always in mien crapper…” :(

  3. Kyle

    any intern now? isnt it any minute now? the sentence doesnt make sense to me otherwise.

    • you are missing the point
      you are missing the point

      the joke

      your head

      • Asdfal

        I hate when people use this wrong.

    • Ourorboros

      “Any intern now” – Frank keeps sending interns to the slaughter so he can figure out how Goldie does it.

      • Christopher

        So he means “[You seem to kill] every intern/any intern I get. Now I am going to figure out how you do that”

        • Artico

          Think of it more like “Any second now I’m going to figure out how you do this” … or “any minute now”, etc. Only his measurement of time is interns.

          • Ourorborous

            Yes, this.
            1 Intern = 1 Attempt/try/iteration

  4. Kyle

    also, “How you did this” not “how you do this”

    • Kitsuneflaw

      “Any intern now…” Implying the fish has killed several interns before.

      “How you do this.” Ongoing phenomenon. Not just a singular case in the Past. But all future cases as well.

      • thissguy

        or maybe he’s talking to the fish as an equal and it’s something like
        “how do you bake cakes”
        “how do you even date girls”
        or something

        (because let’s be honest that fish cant possibly be “normal”)

      • Stephen

        Also funny because apparently interns are effectively units if time…

        • Bruno

          I wonder what the conversion ratio between interns and days is?

        • Ourorborous

          No, each intern is an attempt, like in a video game.

          There is no issue of speed or time limits. The problem is figuring out how Goldie kills. Not a race.

      • kyle

        Wow. That went right over my head. He’s deliberately killing interns to understand how the fish does it. Nice. Okay.

    • Ben Vereen
      Ben Vereen

      The key to correcting grammar is to be correct in your grammar, capitalizing, punctuation, et cetera. Further, being too thick to understand what’s being “said”, and why, added a second layer of difficulty for you.

  5. Rob

    Any intern now, I’m going to figure out how you do this

  6. phangirl

    OMG, it’s Cartman’s SPOOKY FISH!

  7. Kate

    I’m sorry if it’s a stupid question, but what is the fish doing? Is he killing interns? Is he killing them in a specific way? What is the fish doing?

    • Lennier

      He’s a fish. Frank hasn’t yet figured out how a fish, in a glass bowl, with no obvious means, is killing his interns.

    • Karl The Barman
      Karl The Barman

      The power to kill an intern from 200 yards away…

  8. Isaac

    He’s gonna find out even if he has to send in every intern on earth

    • Ourorboros

      Well we’ve seen that a former lab assistant was missing arms, so if he runs out of interns, the assistants are next.

  9. Wincrasher

    Yeah thats right… blame it on the fish… nobody will suspect that it could be someone else anyway…

    • Wincrasher

      Its surely not another intern that Frank killed and just blanked out (refering to the bear situation here)

  10. davidbreslin101

    By “this”, Frank means the diagram on the board of course.

    • Goldie

      You need to read the comment under the strip to get it ;)

  11. LauW

    We need to see that goldfish again.

  12. mikkelib97

    Is it just me or did Frank just botch up a sentence?

  13. LazyLemming

    I don’t see it as the fish is killing the interns. I think Frank is killing the interns to try and figure out how the fish is doing something else.

    IE the fish has figured out how to move a human brain into the body of a mouse and written the steps on the board. Frank is having issues attempting to recreate the act.

  14. Zuzu

    This reminds me of a short story oi once wrote about a detective trying to solve a murder case and the culprit ended up being a murderous gold fish.

  15. Christopher

    That was a tricky sentence to navigate.