481 – A Few Questions

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  1. Lennier

    You have an attractive blonde in your house, that isn’t obviously trying to kill you, Wayne. Just accept it.

    You’re not getting any sex, but you weren’t before, either, so you’ll still a few points up.

    • SrPilha

      You know, given his life I totally understand Wayne being a little paranoid here.

      • Lennier

        True, true.

  2. Metathiax

    So is she with Frank or Guy?

    • Kris

      Are we sure she’s even a woman at all? Let’s see the bottom half of her body before we make any decisions.

      • Jeff Jefferson
        Jeff Jefferson

        That uncertainty, on top of the fact that, as someone else already noted, she is *not* actively attempting to harm and/or kill Wayne, makes it much more likely she’s with (or by) Frank.

      • JediaKyrol

        why are you so certain there’s a bottom half?

    • Guesticus

      Totally there for/with Guy (may or may not have been ‘created’ by Frank)

    • YODO!

      She’s probably one of Frank’s insane experiments designed to torment Wayne in some way. Her lower half is likely a spider or tentacled monstrosity or something.

  3. ThatOneComment

    Female clone of Wayne. See it. SEE IT!

    • Doc

      More like Bizarro world – Wayne doesn’t read.

  4. Market Research
    Market Research

    Wayne has me on hold, I just asked him if he has a female 18-34
    living in his household and he’s thorough enough to go check and
    be sure. ^_-

  5. saskyou

    OMG, I hope we get a new permanent character.

    • Carmeops

      i highly doubt it, or the website would need to be renamed “two guys, Guy, and a random chick”

      • zedtheeviltaco

        If that was the case, the comic would be already be called Two Guys, Guy, one of the Guys’ cousin, and that dude that stands by the water cooler.

        • forgehe

          If we can find 5 more reoccuring characters, it will actually be Nine Gag

        • Guesticus

          Thought that was Wayne’s cousin

  6. RBZ

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was a female Wayne clone.

    • Lennier

      So if they have sex, is it incest, or masturbation?

      • zeed316

        Nether. As being a clone of Wayne means you don’t have sex.

  7. Clies

    It’s Guy and Wayne’s kid from the future or Frank’s experiment trying to mix Guy and Wayne genes to make a more competent Wayne

    • Dagecko

      I could more see that scenario played out as Guy and Wayne walking in on Frank disposing of a ‘rolled up carpet’. Frank says something about being curious of what Guy and Wayne’s kid would be like, there is a pause as they look at the rug (which twitches/kicks a bit), and then Frank continues “It must never happen…”, to which Guy sips her coffee and says either “You need a hand with that carpet, Frank?”, “There never was a chance”, or “Kill it with fire”

  8. Hochmacoch

    Why is everyone saying its a clone of Wayne? They look nothing alike! They both have blonde hair, that’s it. Do you people get your minds blown everytime you step outside and see two people with similar haircolors?

    • Hello

      I know, right. They have totally different noses and head shapes. Yet people are still wondering if she’s a female clone. It’s like people got so used to having to distinguish characters from surface details that now when they see characters with similar surface details, they immediately they’re clones or something.

      • shadowmoon522

        6 words after the colon: frank is god, all is possible

    • Larkle

      I know. It’s not even the same shade of blonde… Wayne has slightly darker hair.

  9. shadowmoon522

    if i woke up with some random blond girl reading in my kitchen reading, i’d just greet & walk away. you get used to waking up with strange people in your place of residence when you grew up with my family. if you can tolerate gang members, you can tolerate anyone.

    • lemmiwinks

      I guess, the difference is that he, as it seems, doesn’t live with the family. He lives alone… well, not anymore.

      • shadowmoon522

        well, hes been shown living with both frank & guys at times. its like everyone comes and gos from that house as they wish, but its unusual for it to be anyone other then frank, guy or one of franks creations

  10. Therix

    I have the feeling this is somehow connected to when Frank experimented with drugs a few strips ago. This may now be guy experimenting with drugs to the point she thinks she’s blonde and doesn’t hate Wayne’s guts.

  11. Ghola

    “Oooo Roomie crossover!”
    “Wait.. She’s got her shirt on…”
    “Now I’m just confused…”

    • Tornrex

      Actually, that would be interesting. Having the TwoGAG cast meeting with other webcomic characters… I can see Frank getting along with Richard from LFG, and Guy having a blast with the Players from Ctrl Alt Del. Of course, Wayne gets stuck in the kiddy corner with Kale (LFG) and Pantsman from VG Cats.

    • mist42nz

      Yay for GGAR !

  12. Brand X
    Brand X

    Female clone of Wayne was my first thought as well.

  13. lemmiwinks

    People keep saying “if I woke up and saw cute blondie…”. But I understood the first Wayne’s phrase like she was living there for, like, weeks to the moment he decided to finally ask anything.

    Which is very in character for him.

  14. Mark

    She’s been there longer, I think. Wayne’s confused enough to have not questioned her presence before. She may be one of Guy’s friends she set upon him during some period of absence just to make sure he doesn’t “get any”, not that there’s any chance of that but you can never be too sure.

    Guy would never get it on with Wayne but she needs to be sure no one else does either, hence the blonde.

  15. Jk8z


  16. Go Get A
    Go Get A

    Zo. Em. Ge.

    ITS ROOMIE!!!!

  17. ReallyGuys

    It’s one of Frank’s Interns.

  18. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    I think Guy put her in the house to screw with Wayne.

  19. Matt [in Middletown]
    Matt [in Middletown]

    Wait, much of last night does Wayne recall, and does she figure into it at all?
    So many sinister things an oblivious acting blonde in your kitchen would be up to after drawing a blank on what the evening previous was.

    She’s actually a grey alien, he’s been probed!
    (In revenge for probe blocking Frank and his date the other day.)

  20. ETC-anime

    And the book was titled “How to make people forget important things”