486 – Cute Be Damned

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  1. Agera

    my thoughts towards my sister’s dog it’s so cute i just want to throw him on a roof

  2. Mice

    How’d the goat taste? (Or have I guessed wrong about the circumstances which intervened?)

    • Ourorboros

      It was a Jerk.

      • Anthony


    • Bogwombler

      Goat (kid) loin chops are very similar to lamb and can be prepared the same way. I make them (when I can get them) sauteed in olive oil with garlic, onion, and rosemary with a touch of wine vinegar. If you like lamb, you’ll like goat. Unfortunately you won’t find it in mainstream markets. I used to get it from a market in a Portuguese neighborhood. Mature goat works in mutton recipes.

  3. Infinite scratch
    Infinite scratch

    Gonna admit, I am guy sometimes

  4. Emil

    I like cute animal’s to (when they are lying on my plate without skin and barbequed).

    • Bogwombler

      Tried wild rabbit once – didn’t like it. ‘Sides it’s nothing more than a rat with long hind legs and a fluffy tail. Have eaten racoon. It’s meat is very similar in texture and taste to pork. Venison, moose, elk all yummy. Best lasagna I ever made was with Maine moose meat.

      • Mindsword2

        I’ve had rabbit before too. Tasted like Dark Meat Chicken. Same with squirrel.
        Love venison, have yet to try raccoon or Elk. I’ve had moose, but I can’t remember the taste.

        • Mindsend

          When I went to Ecuador I tried the Cuye (Aka Guinea pig): only the front half and each front bit was from a different Cuye. The smaller one tasted sort of fishy-gamey, and the larger one was sort of a gamey/earthy mix of Turkey and pork.

  5. The One Guy
    The One Guy

    I’ve never understood why most people find many animals and/or babies cute. I guess from a biological standpoint, it makes sense for us to find babies cute, but aside from that, I really don’t see it.

    • Rachel Roth
      Rachel Roth

      No, but not everything we’ve developed is to our own advantage. what probably happened is animals began co-evolving in situations where they and we had to share the same environment, and the animals benefited from making us think they were cute.

  6. Glitch

    I’ve never seen it from that perspective.

    Thanks, Guy! You opened my eyes to the Cyoot-Animool shadow government!

  7. Mark

    Guy I love you, marry me! I’m open to any form of abuse!


  8. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    Why does Wayne look so cute in the first panel?

  9. mikkelib97

    Well, good luck with that Guy. You don’t even know where the goat lives.

    • Kris

      Luckily it foolishly posted it’s address on Facebook. It’s fate is sealed.

  10. Vermilion

    I wanna see Guy lifting a little goat in her arms and speaking baby voices at it (even if she has to destroy it afterwards)