488 – Alarmed

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  1. Kitty

    Amazing that Skip came back after all the shit he was put through by Frank.

    Or maybe that’s just a clone of skip, and the original one was the headless corpse he showed his previous assistants

    • SageGuda

      I think it’s a clone. If I remember correctly, the original Skip didn’t have arms anymore.

  2. Nya-chan Production



    • EmilyS

      Hehe, yeahhhh, I thought that too..

  3. Cley Faye
    Cley Faye

    For a second I read the second panel as “People with skin”, which made a lot of sense actually.

  4. Jim North
    Jim North

    I think the more pertinent issue is not to shake hands with anyone who has been Frank’s assistant. They may not have died from any of the doomsday viruses he was developing, but they could still be a carrier!

  5. feneris

    Only guy could say something so incredibly offensive and make it sound almost half-way reasonable.

    • Time Sage
      Time Sage

      Leave it to guy to raise a valid point in the rudest way possible.

      (To be fair I don’t take hands with anyone unless I have to. I wipe my hands off right away when I do.

  6. Conch

    *WHOSE not WHO’S

    You’re saying “Who is hand you don’t shake”?

    • Conch


      fuck I typo’d

      I fail at being a Grammar Nazi.

      • ZeDingo

        Contrary to the popular meme, Hitler was pretty bad at English grammar, as were many Nazis.

        My post is irrelevant.

      • davidbreslin101

        That ALWAYS happens. Under certain conditions you can get a long chain of people correcting each other. (And on YouTube, all of them are wrong.)

        • phangirl

          I note that you are now part of that chain. xD

          • ZeDingo

            part of that thread*

        • Doofus

          It’s called Muphry’s Law.

  7. Infinite scratch
    Infinite scratch

    Rude but yeah I kinda get why…but still rude

  8. Herp

    That…makes a lot of sense actually. Also ERMAHGERD RED HAIR! HE MUST BE A MALE CLONE OF GUY!

  9. 54viruses

    That was… surprisingly practical. Tactless, but who needs tact?

  10. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    So Guy is a germaphobe?

  11. Falos

    Does this mean she doesn’t like pirates? Who the hell doesn’t love pirates?

    • dee


  12. Mark

    Guy is in desperate need for some stress relief sex. Any volunteers?

    • Kuggur

      “Guy” and “sex” in one sentence…Somehow makes me think of the praying mantis…

      • Mark

        That’s why I said ‘volunteers’… you’re not likely to survive…

        • scan4747

          summoning Jeff

  13. Galdon

    Speaking of catching things, while I was catching up on the last few comics, my anti-virus had to block several attacks from the banner ads. Adblock is back up when I’m browsing this site again. You really need to drop this ad network, they seem to have viruses on a shockingly regular basis.