491 – Applied Science

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  1. Larkle

    That’s kind of an underwhelming new hobby, Frank.

  2. Marscaleb

    No more science?
    That’s the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard…

  3. C-Men

    …and discovers a new science of womanizing

    • Gimbatul

      That’s no science. It’s a cult. Hence the strange, pointless rituals and mindless herd mentality type actions.

  4. Frith Ra

    C’mpn Frank, there’s always one more bug.

  5. Infinite scratch
    Infinite scratch

    Out of science? Try magic

    • das-g

      Oh, he did. He found it indistinguishable from the technology that allowed him to perform all science.

  6. Ourorboros

    Now I want to see Frank hanging around like Hugh Hefner, with Wayne burning with jealousy about the women.
    Please let this lead to a little continuity.

  7. Falos

    It’s true. All the science. He was able to put quantum events into a deterministic state; he caus- uh, concluded that Schrodinger’s cat is, in fact, dead.

    Go play an MMORPG, Frank. They’re the black holes of time sinks. And those players love someone that can provide crunched numbers for min-maxing.

  8. Lani

    I’m sorry if this has been answered before, but what IS Frank?

    • DaFrank

      Who knows. Guest strips lead us to believe he’s either an alien or a robot…

    • Gangler

      A human, probably. Maybe an alien. Has likely altered himself in a number of ways. It’s possible there’s no name for what he is anymore. No name that is, except Frank.

      • das-g

        Frank isoften frank.

    • Bogwombler

      Frank may be a fixed point in time just like Capt. Jack Harkness thus immortal.

  9. Anomalyraven

    I imagine Frank would be able to make even GLaDOS wet, if he used that as a pick up line at the bar.

    • Fuditz

      By taking away the very thing Glados lives for? Admittingly, the whole setup was flawed. Glados at a bar.

      • Anomalyraven

        If Frank can do all the science there is, I don’t think finding an AI hanging from the roof, at a bar questionable.

        • M

          GLaDOS has been known to frequent The Inventory…

  10. Mark

    The woman Frank chooses to be rude to turns out to be a friend of Guy…

  11. Mindsword2

    Tvtropes frank. It will destroy your life, but it will give you something to do. Plus you’ll be able to get to work on something that will never truly end.

    • Hello

      That makes me wonder “What would if Guy, Wayne, and/or Frank found out there’s a page on TV Tropes about them?”. If I had to guess Wayne would probably see all his negative described on it and edit it like crazy to make himself look better.

  12. Yautja

    As Doc Brown said, “better that I devote myself to study the other great mystery of the universe: women!”

  13. askmewhoiam

    I request he studies the Science of Love.

    • garsdal

      He already discovered, and cured love.

      • Falos

        I laughed harder than I should have.