492 – Drama Queen

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  1. feneris

    It probably wasn’t even a major devil either.

    • Kirby

      Yeah, it was probably one of the little guys who guards the second or third ring. I mean, even if he’d met Beelzebub or Lucifer it wouldn’t be this bad of a reaction.

  2. Jason

    Probably it was the Devil’s brother. His name is Bob

    • Ourorboros

      Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light.

      • Kasper

        Careful about calling out Phil’s name, you might get darned!

        • Connors

          Today’s comment section is a fuckin’ riot.

  3. Lord Sesshoumaru
    Lord Sesshoumaru

    That was really rude and quite an invasion of privacy on Wayne`s part.

    • Psychronia

      Not cool, Wayne.

  4. Polar

    But he looks at Guy all the time…

    • Shade

      yeah I’m with Frank on this he’s just being over dramatic

  5. Kallandras

    It’s “flair”, I’m fairly sure.

    • Ourorboros

      Yes, while JJ Abrams is Mr Lens Flare.

  6. Liggliluff

    “A devil gazed back”? So not the same devil Wayne was looking at?

    • mikkelib97

      You profile pic goes really well with the first sentence in your comment.

      • Liggliluff

        Well… my content is hinting that there’s least 2 devils…
        My picture might fit to that as well?

        • mikkelib97

          Yeah. It might.

  7. Isaac

    He probably look into franks eyes after he took his glasses off

  8. Failed Wayne Clone #0314
    Failed Wayne Clone #0314

    I love how we’re all so used to this by now.
    It’s just, “meh, Wayne probably pissed it off or something. Fuckin’ Wayne.”
    And that is why I love this strip.

  9. Karl The Barman
    Karl The Barman

    I wonder how the Devil reacted to gazing into Waynes soul.

    I’m picturing a traumatised Devil lying on the floor muttering “Literally… Guy… literally… ” over and over to himself while his worried fellow Devils look on.

  10. ken grey
    ken grey

    Did you specify that the idea had to be good before selling your soul?

  11. Patrick

    There are no refunds. How ever, they can award you “in store” credit if your purchase was not to your liking.

    With your soul? Get gum. You can probably get some gum.

  12. Draon029

    Has anybody noticed the fact that Guy actually looks sort of worried about Frank’s well-being?

    Her usual “I don’t care, I’m pissed” brow furry is extremely lacking the more you look at her face.

  13. Jackspades

    looks like Frank took the advice of that reader who suggested magic since he was all out of science last comic.

    wait does that mean frank checks the comments section of the comic he is in? that’s all kinds of meta.

    • Alaric

      I think it’s pretty well established that as a true mad scientist Frank doesn’t distinguish between “science” and “magic”.

    • Not Frank
      Not Frank

      Frank would not do this. The ‘Copenhagen Interpretation’ of quantum physics leads to the phenomenon is called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Thus the Observer effect would void the infiltration of all validity.

      And you can trust my science because I’m not Frank.