496 – Hit At Raves

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  1. Wolfgod

    Though, that does seem like an extremely handy power when you’re not trying to sleep.

  2. A

    He can light the way in dark tunnels and be a beacon of hope for ships struggling to find land because of storms…?

    • B

      Wayne, as a beacon of hope? That’s worrisome.

      • Darkn3ss

        Yes, specific sort of hope -> “I hope we won’t crash into some random beacon in this storm”

    • Ourorboros

      He’ll also be a hit at raves.

  3. Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person

    I actually thought it was going to be something cool. You’d think that after reading this comic this long I would learn.

  4. Lennier

    So the sun now shines out of his arse?

    • sic

      …and all the other orrifices. Gives the term “fleshlight” a disturbingly new meaning…

      • Chris R.
        Chris R.

        As though the original meaning weren’t disturbing enough…

  5. Lord Sesshoumaru
    Lord Sesshoumaru

    In right hands one could start a religion and take over the world using this power..
    now Wayne though, he will stop being afraid of the dark though…probably..unless monsters in the dark are real..

  6. Mark

    In brightest day, in blackest night…

    • V

      He won’t be able to really fight.

      • X

        Let’s just hope he’ll stay out of sight

        • lemmiwinks

          Meowth! That’s right!

    • ebonicplague

      ’cause you know that boy just ain’t right.

      • Gimbatul

        But it still won’t help his fear of heights.

  7. sic

    meh, it’s a power at least…

    • Ourorboros

      Its Wayne. This is enough for him to go mad with power.

  8. shadowmoon522

    its not all that mediocre if you know how to use it effectively.
    look at how many times it was used in dbz to temporary blind people.

    • Orlah Ehontas
      Orlah Ehontas

      Yeeaah. Remember, this is Wayne we’re talking about here. Effective is not really in his list of skill-sets.

  9. solo

    Seeing this comic immediately follow the previous one makes me realize just how inanimate Guy tends to be. Definitely furthers that whole “doesn’t give a fuck” aura she has.

  10. Isaac

    Well you know what they say, fake it till you make it

  11. Rachel Roth
    Rachel Roth

    I’d take it.

  12. Luciferase

    He will be blind because his eyeballs glow and therefore no light can go inside them! Besides my favourite biolumescense molecule is luciferase, just because of the name!

  13. razord9

    So, Wayne has finally lighten up. He may be dumb, but now he is super bright. When he walks into a room, Wayne brightens it up. He won’t be needed his night light anytime soon. His first villainous act: disturbing movies simply by glowing!

  14. Effusion

    That was his only shirt.

    • Gimbatul

      The fact that he could actually tear his own shirt made me think that he just might have that superpower. But then, that was probably just the adrenaline rush.

  15. Bogwombler

    Upon seeing him Wayne’s father remarked, “You’re so bright I must call you son! “. :-D

  16. Connorses

    Awww, he thinks he’s got superpowers now because he’s glowing. :3

  17. Marscaleb

    Strictly speaking, that could still be pretty fun.
    You could freak out a lot of people with that power.

    • Murphy

      You can also be a stripper and earn some money.

  18. Fulmien

    How cool would it be if in the background of a Super Redundant strip we just see Wayne running past, glowing?

  19. NounVerber

    Good one. Although I think it would have been funnier if it stopped at just “Bioluminescence”.