498 – Googled friendship

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  1. Some Random Guy
    Some Random Guy

    Oh, I just love this strip, especially how Guy is clearly angry at him coming to that conclusion… it makes me think of a Tsundere that is a bit more Tsun-Tsun than usual.

    • GodOfMetal

      You weeaboos and your freaky character stereotypes … it’s starting to creep me out.

      • Some Random Guy
        Some Random Guy

        Meh, I don’t see the problem with enjoying something.
        There is plenty of stuff in Japan I don’t get but the ‘character stereotypes’ can come into play outside of their media.
        And I only said that she reminded me of a Tsundere, because despite her constant threats against Wayne… she never seems to carry out any of them and he always seems to get away with more than most other people.

        • Connorses

          Meh, I don’t mind it, I think the only way it could truly become “creepy” is if someone was so obsessed with it that they had trouble thinking about characters without trying to fit those characters into a certain stereotype.

          • gilotyna815

            That’s kinda what we do anyway, especially in literature. Stereotypes are comfortable, especially when you encounter a new character and involuntarily make an opinion about them. If you watch a lot of animes, you think in anime stereotypes, if you watch a lot of Hollywood movies, you think in western stereotypes. I’m not saying it’s impossible not to, but it’s nothing unexpected and definitely nothing creepy. It’s literally culturally insensitive to call that creepy.

      • Tentai

        You judgmental people are starting to creep me out. I personally found it funny… and accurate. Just because you don’t understand doesn’t mean you have the right to react negatively. How does it creep you out by the way? I literally (an I mean it in the real sense) don’t understand how this could freak you out.

        • Denizen of Lem
          Denizen of Lem

          Well… He/She DOES have the Right to react negatively… Doesn’t stop him/her from being a judgmental douche, though…

          • Doc

            You guys just HAD to come and gay up the place, huh

          • Doc 2
            Doc 2

            They ALWAYS come and gay up the place, god.

      • Ourorboros

        Weeabos wobble.

        • Christopher R.
          Christopher R.

          But they only fall down if Senpai doesn’t notice.

      • PilotPirx

        You are just tsun tsun. Soon you will be dere dere…

  2. Somebody Obviously
    Somebody Obviously

    This is entertaining

  3. Arc

    And his epitaph reads: Murdered by the bestest friend possible, in the most friendly (brutish) way possible.

    • the last guy
      the last guy

      Yeah and his last words (if not added to the epitaph)
      “Love you too Guy!”

  4. phangirl

    Of course you’re besties, Wayne. She loves beating up on people (physically and emotionally), and you’re the best punching bag around. You’ve got something special here, and not many people can be so close without it being weird. Appreciate it. xD

    • washu

      spot on analysis of their “relationship”.

    • Ourorboros

      The funny thing is she can’t even get in trouble for killing him, only seriously hurting him.
      Dead Waynes are disposed of and replaced. Injured Waynes leave her open to criminal charges – it has happened before.

  5. Isaac

    Now the we comics name changes to two guys and gay

    • isaac

      webcomic* stupid autocorrect

  6. BMunro

    When everything is ironic, only outlaws will know what the hell they are saying to each other.

  7. The Other Mike
    The Other Mike

    This reminds me of a greeting card I saw. “A good friend will visit you in jail. A great friend will post bail. A friend like me will be in the next cell over.”

    • lemmiwinks

      And Guy will be in prison for yours murder.

    • Wizard

      “A friend will help you move. A real friend will help you move the body.”

      Or, uh, so I’ve heard…

  8. lemmiwinks

    Wayne, why do you have to spoil everything? =_=

  9. WoahItsAName

    I feel this misunderstanding that Wayne is having is straight equal to the misunderstanding of “gay” meaning “happy” (as it once did) when you think about that.. It adds another whole layer to the joke. Almost making the panel more realistic when it comes to Wayne’s misunderstanding.. Insert witty ending remark here..

  10. razord9

    And the truth finally comes out. Guy is gay for Wayne.

    Huh, that just raises more questions though.