Guest Strip – Andrew Gregoire

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  1. Lennier

    One wonders why a woman who looks perfectly normal would allow Wayne to arrange anything for her.

    • Rosslaew

      Think of it that way : she was probably relieved enough when he told her it wasn’t with him that she accepted

  2. Russian Watermelon
    Russian Watermelon

    That’s a very weird way to feed a mouse but.. you know.. in Frank we trust.

  3. WhoaItsAName

    The twogag Facebook page could also be considered a zoo, only free! Anti- monkey feeding policies still apply though..

  4. Jaymer 161
    Jaymer 161

    While I know it’s supposed to be a perspective thing, with no clear indicator it just looks like Frank is a giant. Or perhaps that Wayne is tiny. Either way.

    • Butts

      I’m assuming Frank is standing on an elevated platform to reach the top of the tank, it just seems odd because that’s not in the panel.

      • Christopher

        Standing on a slightly evelated platform is the usual way one interacts with the inside of a fishtank, in the whole history of interacting with fishtanks in media.
        Except for Spock of course.

  5. Marscaleb

    Those backgrounds look almost like they were actually made by Rickard.

  6. Jack

    Finally the brave mice resistance is one step closer to overthrowing the tyranny of the shark empire.

  7. Ourorboros

    I cannot accept a Frank without shin pockets.
    I see that pseudo-Frank is closer to breeding a Mighty Mouse though.

  8. Peff

    a second I see trip where blind date just guess right and Frank is like “this woman is mine”