503 – Psych

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  1. flo from progressive
    flo from progressive

    Guy’s caught a bad case of Tumblr nose recently.
    [Don't let me stop you though]

  2. Jason

    So Wayne is gifted, but only attracts “gifted” ghost like him xD

  3. blackout

    Just a heads up, something on the page just tried to install a .apk on my phone without asking. May be a malicious ad.

  4. David

    Oh my god, two grammar errors… both in the first panel. Quick, fix them! Before everybody sees!

    • ZeDingo

      “paying of” is a simple typo, and I also tend to put ‘s on names and things to make clear the spelling of the word. Tracys looks weird, Tracies would make me punch a pedant, but Tracy’s makes it clear (albeit only while in context) that there is a multiple of Tracy being spoken of.

      Blame it on years of playing MMO’s with foreigners who speak very little English, and need things as clear as possible, lest everything become a confusing mess. One Indo friend yesterday asked me what “awe” means, alluding to a picture I posted, when the creator meant “aww.”

      Now all of the reader’s that read my comment’s will be mad about my plural preference’s while using all these big smart word’s!

  5. Ourorboros

    Actually, to date most of my confirmed losses have real names that are ideograms.

    • Karl The Barman
      Karl The Barman

      Contacting the spirit of “the artist formerly known as Prince” could be a challenge for psychics in the future

  6. Sigs

    If you click back and forth between this and the previous panel quickly, you’ll see it looks like they’ve been sitting in the same spot all day arguing/talking..

    • Zonk

      You’re right! I wonder how many times he has reused this. Especially Guy’s pose…

  7. Karl The Barman
    Karl The Barman

    Tracy, Terrence, Gabriel … meh close enough.
    All those psychics make broad, ambiguous statements and then rely on gullible people wanting to believe to make their own connections.
    And apparently they’re just as gullible in the spirit world as well.

  8. ZeDingo

    The left ghost looks a bit like Frank, with Guy’s patience for bull.

    The right ghost is clearly Wayne’s kindred spirit. Likes attract, in some cases: misery loves company, alcoholic meetings, gravity, etc…