505 – Surprise Weekend

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  1. AbbyThalia

    I’ve had this experience a couple of times! It’s fantastic!

  2. MangaEngel

    Never had that with weekends.
    But I had it multiple times, when the holidays started that I walked to school and wondered where everyone else was, despite everyone having a big party on the week before about how there are weeks without school to come…

  3. Scruffles united the third
    Scruffles united the third

    I forced marched my daughter to school once despite her protsting it was holidays, I was right, everyone else was wrong.

  4. sic

    I’ve had that once, in university. I had a really nasty cold and had to go to a math class I feared to fail if I missed it. I drew no suspicion from the fact that there was nearly no traffic at 7:45 am in the morning, nor the fact that there were no other students heading to uni and/or classes. When I found the lecture theatre building locked, I entered it with my keycard. Only when nobody else was around when the lecture was scheduled, I got the idea that it might still be sunday, which it was. I went back home, happy to have another day to cure my cold…

  5. tudza

    The clam before the strom?

    • The Creature
      The Creature

      Well, sir, you won the internet for today. Please, be careful with it but don’t forget to have fun.

  6. Ourorboros

    Wayne . . . Happy?
    It must be time to give thanks after all.

  7. MrDave

    What he wants to do above all other things is remain stationary and twiddle his thumbs. Exciting.

  8. Jackspades

    the punch line is Frank just changed the time shown on the phone it really is Monday.

    • Jackspades

      Edit: just check the date the comic was posted on

  9. ThatOneGuy

    Frank got so annoyed by his change of mood that he went to find the girl.

    “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort” ~ Herm Albright

  10. Kirby

    As someone who always took the bus, I can’t say that I ever actually did this. But, I did, on more than one occasion, spring out of bed at 1 am under the assumption I was already late for class.

  11. Metathiax

    Frank is such a good Friend, reprogramming Wayne’s phone to make him happy

  12. Sacha

    Such a happy face makes me smile as large as Wayne :)

  13. JT

    Poor Wayne has nothing to do.

  14. Connorses

    I do basically the same thing as Wayne except I’m playing video games. And it happens even if I have work to do.

    I have problems, OK?

  15. ve4gap

    The closest I came to this was the time I tried to pay the rent on
    June 31…OK I forgot how many days in June…

    I figured…OK well it’s July 1st, the due date, I’m still on time…

    About half way to the office downtown I notice the lack of traffic
    and remember that it’s a holiday (I live in Canada, we apparently
    have some kind of a holiday up here on July 1st ^_-)…

    I figured I’m halfway and it’s not like I’m doing anything else so
    I’ll check, maybe they’d be open for the holiday since it was the
    due date on everyone’s rent.

    Apparently they thought taking the first 3 days of the month off
    (1st fell on a Friday) was more important than getting their money
    on time so I went back Monday. When I got home I did advise the caretaker why I was late on rent just in case he heard anything
    from a building manger.

    At the time I was working night shift doing cleaning at a restaurant
    which only closed for Christmas so work was normal shift and I
    wouldn’t have reason to notice anything different while there.

    Ironically this was the only time I left it for the last day of the month,
    the one time the last day of the month was “missing”. Usually I paid
    it about a week ahead.