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  1. Chris

    God, that’s depressing in a hilarious way.
    Pretty much sums TwoGaG right up.

  2. shadowmoon522

    ivan must be the incarnation of all the wayne x guy shippers that roam the comment section not realizing that guy dose not love.

    • Casey 1988
      Casey 1988

      No Guy is in love with torturing Wayne. So Guy does love something about Wayne, his ability to be the victim.

      • Hello


  3. razord9

    Better yet, it is Guy’s ironic diary that she keeps to keep her hisperitis in check.

    • Turknac

      What in the world is hisperitis?

      • M

        The post-ironic spelling of hipsteritis.

  4. Jason

    So going to support this. Quick question, why are Guy/Wayne eyes colored in commissioned art, but always black in the comic?

    • washu

      alright everyone. lets donate and then post a few of our other favorite comics.
      mine are Gunnerkrigg Court, Rise From Ashes, and Dangerously Chloe.

  5. LauW

    I didn’t hesitate a second. I can’t give much but you make my favorite webcomic (also Chloe of GGaR does)

  6. Dan

    Guy is just a tsundere.

    • LauW

      No she’s not, she’s mean, and under that layer there is another layer of vileness.

  7. pretty flacko
    pretty flacko

    I hope that last panel is canon.

  8. Stranger

    Ahhh yes, the most frustrating aspect of fandom – if there is a female character, she must be in love with one of the male characters, no matter how much she abuses them.

    If there are no female characters? All the male characters are in love instead.

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person

      I was going to disagree, but I realized that is true. Heck, I am part of a pretty big fandom that is built on the second part. Makes it awkward when you feel like you are the one person not shipping anyone…

      • Stranger

        And dont forget, any time ANY male character has any sort of extended interaction with eachother, even if they’re trying to murder eachother, it means theyre super in love.

    • lemmiwinks

      Partly it’s not the fandom’s fault – there are so many cannons there abuse really IS the sign of attraction…

  9. Liar


  10. M

    You have blonde hair, you must be a Wayne clone

  11. That Guy
    That Guy

    Fuckin’ Ivan. If you have so many bright ideas, why don’t you write your own comic?

    I hope your house burns do- oh, that’s right. I hope the alley cats pee on you while you’re sleeping, you dirty, bad-advice-giving hobo.

  12. RyGuy

    Guy, I think, is to dominating, what Andy Kafuman was to comedy. Wayne is the subject of her experiment, a new kind of gimp who is not consciously aware he is a gimp. Wheather or not she loves him, he is hers, and he will never understand it.

    • phangirl

      True– she is very territorial of her personal (also regenerating b/c Frank) punching bag.

  13. Timni16

    I feel like you secretly ship that and you are just using Ivan as a way to not seem like you do. You can’t fool me.

  14. Ral Crux

    This comments sucks. Why don’t you change them to Disqus, or Facebook, or Google+ or at least Twitter (embedded of course). Comments are the life of web pages.

    I made this one for you just copy & paste it:

    • RBZ

      Thing is, the current comments system works fine.

      You just enter your name, email, website (if you have one), and comment. Job done.

      There’s no dependency on any specific social medium in order to post, so no relying on that social medium’s availability, nor any alienating fans who don’t want to use that social medium.

  15. wr4ith0

    this is the best donation comic i have ever seen

  16. RealSpex

    Funny, it seems the idea of living off of digital tips for artists is finally catching on. Maybe music will go this way too now. This was what I wanted, so why do I get so annoyed when he spends a whole strip’s worth to beg for money. Oh maybe because he spent a whole strip’s worth to beg for money, I need my fix dammit!

    • Stranger

      You want your giggles, pony up the dough, cheapskate!

      • RealSpex

        I would rather dough up the pony, if you know what I mean…. *suggestive leer*

  17. Metal C0Mmander
    Metal C0Mmander

    Did you have an artist avatar that looked different or am I just stupid?

    Also who gives a fuck if Guy is in love with Wayne or not? This is a question that never has any deffinitive answers becaue it could go any way. What is deffenitive is that she abuse Wayne constantly and that’s not okay(although it is hilarious and should probably not stop to be a thing in this comic).

  18. Chris R
    Chris R

    You should probably snap that finger back into place, that looks painful.

  19. AC e
    AC e

    Ivan, the guy who wanted a porno of guy and wayne. khe was here like a few months ago