511 – Hobo Problem

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  1. Demorid

    Patreon’s already working out for ya, eh? Awesome!

  2. WhoaItsAName

    Lol redhead! Patreon sure was a good idea! Is that all that redhead gets? Lol was hoping to see patreon cameos share a funny line of dialogue with one of the main three, I still think its great to see you put people into the comic, but I hope some future characters maybe say a word or two.

  3. Liar

    Even with good intentions, Wayne loses. It’s a multiuniversal constant.

    • Ourorboros

      Wayne just cares too hard.

      • SrPilha

        Wayne just waynes too hard, you mean.

  4. Spüdley

    His coworkers are hot.

  5. Vamped

    man that girl with the red hair looks like the sister of the cop who read waynes suicide note before

  6. Isaac

    Well yeah everyone knows the real solution to the homeless problems is metal spikes in covered areas

    • Virtualistik

      How else are we going to protect our cities from the giant pigeon apocalypse?

      • YasBox

        Fucking hate pigeons. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them!

        This is basicly what happens to me on a regular day basis, every time I try to be nice to people, they end up getting offended, should be a permanent solution for those as well. By which I mean a violent grisly death.

  7. feneris

    Now we know why Wayne fails at writing childrens books

  8. Anon

    Should it say, “We could just fucking get rid of them all”? Phrasing seems awkward there.

    • That Guy
      That Guy

      *Pat pat pat*

      Shhh, silence picky Anon. When you write a webcomic, you can try do better.

      • Bob

        This always strikes me as a fucking weird counter to a complaint or correction.

        “When you write your own book you can point out typos in others.’”, “When you’ve built your first car you can point out faults in other cars.”, “Not until you’re a professional chef are you allowed to criticize the food in restaurants.”, “Not a professional musician? Then you can’t opine about music.”, “You’re not a politician, so you cannot point out other politicos’ bullshit.” To paraphrase a friend of mine: you don’t need to be a chef to know that something tastes like shit. Or do you gnash your teeth when sports commentators do their thing, you know, commenting on sports they’ve not actually performed themselves?

        TL;DR: It’s fucking stupid.

        • lemmiwinks

          Funny thing is that he wasn’t even commenting the value of web-comis, he commented on grammar, which anyone who passed school pretty much has a right to complain.

      • Anon

        Uh. I am writing one, but I don’t see how that’s relevant to my suggestion. This isn’t a hugely difficult correction to make.

  9. RBZ

    I see Wayne has finally started wearing the appropriate clothing for his janitorial position. And frequenting the appropriate staffing areas.

    • Phill

      It took me a while to figure out where the heck he was, but yeah, no more goofing off by the watercooler.

    • lemmiwinks

      At first I thought “how can janitor afford psyhoanalyst?”, but then I remembered Wayne’s parents are super wealthy…

  10. Falos

    Lesson: PHRASING!

  11. Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person

    I thought Wayne was in prison when I first saw the comic. That’s some break room.