525 – To A Degree

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  1. Corvale

    The space between Wayne’s hairy legs looks like a huge dick.

  2. TheSexyMenhir

    That joke is sooooo bad, and yet here I am lying on the floor. xD

  3. Interamna

    Wayne showed multiple times he sure knows how to party. Not sure if he does on purpose.

  4. dorry

    Man, I want a party like that!

  5. Ourorboros

    Did Frank leave his Improbability Drive on again? You know you need to do a safe shutdown on those things.

  6. Cray Z. Bouy
    Cray Z. Bouy

    I was going to suggest looking in Guy’s hair. It would not have surprised me if Wayne was in it. Frank’s got a shrink ray, right?

  7. shadowmoon522

    i think wayne must have gotten drunk, then high by the looks of his eyes

  8. Christopher

    @Ourorboros: Actually he tried to turn that off last comic. His future self stopped him.

    • Ourorboros

      The implications of a universe/dimension with a Wayne who succeeded, even temporarily . . . we’ve gone down the rabbit hole now, haven’t we?

      • RBZ

        Well, there was that one strip, during that dimension-hopping trilogy, where everyone (read: Frank & Guy) was wearing clothing styled in Wayne’s trademark light-green-circle-on-dark-green.

  9. Schromp

    Okay, not gonna lie, i lol’d so hard I almost laughed.
    Well done, I mean it.

    • Vermilion

      “i [laughed out loud] so hard I almost laughed.”
      wait what?

  10. Orlah Ehontas
    Orlah Ehontas

    Now you’re just makin’ that up, Wayne!

  11. Merl

    I wonder what he’s do with it? I hope it’s not just a one’off gag, but that now he can do crazy statistics jokes.

    • Kate

      They’re all one off gags, that’s the beauty of this comic.

      • Butt-man of Poorimaginatia
        Butt-man of Poorimaginatia

        Yeah, but they’re self-referencing sometimes which is awesome. Also, Wayne seems like the kind of person who could be REALLY annoying with a knowledge of statistical analysis, so I definitely want to see this happen.

    • Stranger

      It did happen but will only last until the current Wayne clone gets himself killed

      • Alaric

        I’m always amused when people act as if anything that’s happened previously in this strip is somehow canon.

        • Kate

          I know, although I suppose it does mean that the fans of this strip are dedicated, but still, they take it way too seriously. I wonder if it annoys the author at all.

  12. That Guy
    That Guy

    But he graduated without pants on, so clearly this is all a terrible dream.

    • Shamdon

      No that is just Wayne.

  13. najodleglejszy

    OK, this one made me laugh out audibly :D

  14. Undying3132

    The more probable explanation is that they mistook him for another Wayne. I mean, Wayne is a pretty common first name…….. and last name.

  15. CaptainGame

    So you’re saying that Wayne’s finally screwed up his life so bad that he’s wrapped back around to success?

    • Takioki

      Yep, that about sums it up.

  16. Chris

    H2G2 reference, maybe?
    I dunno.

    All I know is that I am proud of Wayne for making something out of his shit life.

  17. lemmiwinks

    The best strip this year, to say the least.

  18. Psychronia

    So even Drunk Wayne is better than Wayne. Tsk, tsk.

  19. Isaac

    Wayne is at his smartest when he is not at the wheel

  20. Marscaleb

    This one made me laugh out loud!

  21. Random Spanish Guy
    Random Spanish Guy

    Ok, I didn’t see this one coming, made me chuckle despite myself.
    Well played.

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