548 – Pen

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  1. Corutezu

    For the first time since i read Two Guys and Guy, I’m gonna comment! I’d just like to say: DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!! Maaaaaaan, I love when Guy is gentle. :’>

  2. Nafraat

    But… if they find it point five time faster… that’s twice slower… I’m confused…

    • Shiroi689

      0.5 can also be written as 50%, when they say you get “50% more stuff!” you actually get the stuff you had earlier -plus- an additional half.
      So she’s basically saying that Wayne is only half as effective as her at searching, but still his help would make things faster…
      Given Wayne can only use one eye right now, that’s almost like saying he’s a proper human being! D’awww, that’s so sweet of her.

      • Caerus

        The “more” word is kind of the key here.

      • Ourorboros

        Or going .5 past lightspeed, so you can do the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs.

      • WaveformDelta

        Right. They’d find her pen 100% faster (i.e. twice as fast) if Wayne still had his other eye.

      • AvatarVecna

        Actually, I think she’s just pointing out that Wayne helping out only adds one eye when there’s already two eyes working on the task. Thus, his one eye adds 50% to their ability to find her pen.

      • wererat2000

        That might have something to do with the fact that he’d only add half a set of eyes to the search.

    • Prezombie

      That should be one point five times faster.

    • God Frank Einstein
      God Frank Einstein

      Maybe Guy made a comment on how inadequate Wayne is.
      He actually slows things down.

  3. ghostjb

    Its 0.5 faster not 0.5 as fast

  4. Lennier

    The elephant in the room is: how did Wayne end up with a pen lodged in his eye socket. But since it’s Wayne, no one cares.

  5. lemmiwinks


    Is it a cannon, not including any false twiisy confirmation that Guy admires Wayne?!
    We are all doomed now! T__T

  6. Ourorboros

    Guy, weaponizing sentiment to continue inflicting pain.

  7. CyborgJesus

    Yes .5 times faster is slower.. but if she finds it quickly then she has to deal with that damn pen in Wayne’s eye, but if she stalls long enough maybe he will go away or pass out.

  8. Chris

    If it’s 0.5 times faster, that means it’s also two times slower.

  9. disaster

    that was actually kinda cute

  10. Franz

    Please, make these comments on “.5 times faster is slower!” stop! It’s .5 times faster!! 50% more!! 1.5x the original speed!!

  11. What the
    What the

    Am I missing something? Or did Guy actually say something nice for once? There’s got to be a catch here, subtleties I’m not seeing… also, I don’t think she’s saying he’s half as slow as her at looking, but rather, he’s only got half of his vision. 1/2 eyes, there fore, .5 looking effectiveness..

  12. M

    Plot twist: That’s the pen she’s looking for in Wayne’s eye after all