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  1. Deikhan

    And here I thought that Guy was mixed xD

    • That guy
      That guy

      Same here.
      Maybe it is the blood on her that is giving her a slightly darker complexion. It is hard to wash it off.

    • Ourorboros

      Australian aboriginals, Northern Indians (from India), Persians/Medes (Iranians), Greeks, Italians, Spanish, and the Rom people are all Indo-Aryan/Caucasian.

      • gilotyna815

        Are you sure you meant australian aboriginals? I’m preeetty sure they’re not caucasian.

        • jeffepp

          Yup. They are from the same wave of migration. Now, keep in mind that no one is “pure” whatever. But, it’s also worth mentioning that the whole Caucus mountains part of the theory has been disproved.

          • lemmiwinks

            Interesting, in Russia Australian aboriginals normally considered to be a special race; I don’t know why it’s different, but that’s what written in all my encyclopedias and what I was taught in school…

          • Ourorboros

            Some of the previous placements of people in history come from linguistic and anthropology studies, which have a fair bit of interpretation & therefore bias built into them.
            Genetic tests have gotten very cheap recently and has cut much confusion.

            It’s also helped in showing relationships of species compared to the more inexact and subjective morphology.

        • Ourorboros

          Yes, I’m sure of what I meant.
          Being Caucasian is hardly the same as being white. In fact, every group I listed is known for having darker skin.
          Many of the features associated with being Northern European (which is only a subgroup) did not come about until fairly recently – long after Aboriginals made their way to Australia.

          • SomeGuy

            I believe the confusion might arise from the grouping of humanity into four wide taxonomy’s (Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid and Australoid) which focuses primarily on the last 25-40k years. If you want to get technical and you go far enough back, everyone originates from one place.

          • Aydr

            No offense, but you might wanna brush up on your anthro a little bit- the Australian aboriginals are not considered Caucasoid. They’re Australoids. Definitely not Indo-Aryan/Caucasian by any stretch. Genetic studies show that they split off long before the Asian and European populations separated.

      • Ryan Schneider
        Ryan Schneider

        It is all in the bones. 100,000+years ago, all homo sapiens were African, then 38,000 years ago, some made their way to Europe. A combination of natural selection from rickets and, possibly, interbreeding with neanderthals turned black men white over 5-10 thousand years. Most of these early migrations were across the then Isthmus of Gibralter, directly connecting Morocco to Spain, and turning the Mediterranean into a gigantic salt flat desert with a salt lake at it’s center. This was due to the Ice Age lowering global sea levels, and also explains the Mediterranean’s lack of biodiversity prior to recent human reintroductions. Anyway, the Caucasiod archetype was established about 20,000 years ago, and some migration of which mixed with some African and Polynesian proto groups to make the ancestors of Australian natives, who could largely walk there, as the archipelago between Australia and Korea were two large peninsulas separated by shallow sea, which wasn’t so hard to cross. Modern Indians origin was relatively recent by comparison. Proto german nomads traveled from the black forest until they encountered some proto Ethiopians headed in the same direction. When the two groups started is a mystery, but they met around 7,000 years ago, and by 6,000 years ago, all trace of white skin and negroid bones were gone, apart form the odd throwback that occurs even to this day. The similarities between Sanskrit and German languages is striking, as well as similarities between Hinduism and old German paganism, but also Hindi has similarities to north African languages.
        Racism, as we know it today, is largely an effect of Midieval Christian morality clashing with colonial greed, giving unholy birth to new rationales, and, for a time, new “normals”. Since William Wilberforce, we have struggled to return to the enlightened ideal established through Christian philosophy, to live without slavery or irrational prejudice, but as this joke illustrates, we are overcompensating instead of finding stability, and we will all suffer for it, eventually.

    • Gimbatul

      So did I! In fact, she reminds me of my last ex in every aspect.

    • Bluewind

      She very well could be. I’m Irish, European, Cherokee, and Black Dutch, but I’m classified as Caucasian. My dad has burgundy skin and onyx hair and he is too. My biological mother was somewhat mixed too, but classified the same. Basically they group a bunch of races together, call it Caucasian, and define you as that if it is over half your genetic makeup. God knows what the statistics would be if they were to split it up and count us all properly, but I have a feeling all of me would end up in the minority.

  2. ghostjb

    Nope, always under the sun to have that tanned body

  3. Shadow Moon
    Shadow Moon

    “Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man, and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man. I know you as Mike Wallace. You know me as Morgan Freeman.”
    -Morgan Freeman

    • Ichneumon

      Odd that this is the same Morgan Freeman who said in 2011, lashing out at all those who didn’t want a second Obama term: “Their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term. What’s, what does that, what underlines that? ‘Screw the country. We’re going to whatever we do to get this black man, we can, we’re going to do whatever we can to get this black man outta here.’ “

      • Ourorboros

        Shadowmoon’s quote is about seeing each other as individual’s instead of by color, which immediately fills in checkboxes.

        Yours is about other people using nothing but race as a reason to do something (vote out Obama), instead of taking in any other factor in decision making.

        Nothing at all contradictory about that.

  4. daGELLO

    Woah woah wait… Guy was just nice… to Wayne…

    • lemmiwinks

      He’s afraid he did something racist. she ensured him that everything he does is racist.

      Is that nice?

  5. MoS

    Amen, brother!

  6. Negative Nancy
    Negative Nancy

    Guy being nice? I must be missing something.

    Also, Guy’s hair is getting more and more poofy and out of control.

    • The Other Mike
      The Other Mike

      Guy can’t be controlled, why should her hair be?

  7. Ogreat

    Jesus fuckning christ, another god damn fucking liberal pussy. All you white-guilters are the cause our glorious race is going extinct. That, and the god-damned heebs. There is no racism because everyone is racist. Do we need a word for people who have a torso? Everyone who is alive has a torso. It’s just that some idiots think they should feel guilty for having a logical and natural response. Racism is a social construct, designed to shame white people. There’s black and hispanic pride, but talk about white pride and suddenly you’re a racist.

    Tell you what, search for crowd beijing, and crowd nairobi. Check to see how many white people you can spot. Then search for ANY european city and crowd, check to see how many coloreds you can spot. Step 2, feel worried (if you’re white that is).

    • Jason

      ^ I think Rickard need to model this guy’s post as Wayne and make a webcomic about Wayne taking the internet too seriously, then Guy and Frank tells him he’s stupid.

    • GhostlyYorick

      I think your post makes it extremely clear, that Guy is wrong when she’s arguing that everything is equally racist.

    • Stranger

      There already is White Pride, its called “Dont Get Murdered By Cops for Holding a Cell Phone Day”

      • Ogreat

        None of you walking hair follicles had anything of worth to say, so why tire your fingers needlessly?


        Perhaps, but you do run the gamut of getting murderized and/or raped for being white just for walking through most ethnic ghettos, so call it even on that one. You assorted bag of nuts, you decorative inedible twig, you cheesecoated free-spinning hamster wheel, you neverending dial tone, you white noise, you flummoxed philistine, you pomegranate seed you!

        • GhostlyYorick

          So, that’s what Captain Haddock would sound like, if he were a racist prick – and insane.

    • Neferius

      There are no human “races”
      Strip two different-coloured men of their skin and you won’t be able to tell them apart.
      …you’ll be too busy vomiting in the plastic barrel full of iron chloride.

      • SomeGuy

        Surprisingly untrue! There are certain differences in bone density and skull shape which are strongly indicative of race, even in a subject who has been completely flayed! :D

  8. Roborat

    Holy crap, the last button works! Yay!

  9. Micki

    I def thought Guy was mixed or something, too. Ah well, like the above commenter said, maybe she’s just dark?

    I guess it doesn’t matter since everyone’s a little bit racist. :P

  10. PeopleArePeople

    While Ogreat goes a tad far.. I agree, that, I too, am very tired about all the racist crap! People are people! #AllLivesMatter

    • Ogreat

      No no, people are sheep. Hashtag only idiots hashtag everything. And most lives don’t matter at all, if they did, people would actually care when tsunamis and other assorted disasters occur on the other side of the world, but it’s only the hypocrits who pretend to.

      Oh no! A tsunami! What of Ping-pong who lived in Nchukt! He was sooo essential to the… the thing. Whatever it was he did. Fishing maybe. Who will fish now?! Someone else, that’s who.

      And the dumbest thing of all, you’re helping to spread the very propaganda that feeds the idiotic media frenzy of everything being called racist and sexist, and then you have the nerve to imagine us two on the same page? Nay, nay! Perish the thought.

      • RaceRealist

        Ogreat, you make some good points, but you could learn to phrase them better. Seriously, I can’t argue against a single point you’ve made.

        Might I suggest you take a deep breath, count to ten, and then calmly answer posts? You kind of sound like a crank-job, right now. If you sound rational and collected, you’ll be a lot more convincing.

        • GhostlyYorick

          No, he doesn’t make a goddamn single good point. Just because assholes like @Ogreat don’t care for tsunami victims doesn’t mean that nobody does. I’d save an average fisherman from Thailand over Ogreat any day of the week, and I’m probably the same race as him.

          Is 2GaG commentaries suddenly a gathering place for scumbag racist? WTF?