580 – The Phone call

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  1. Aydr

    ….This is way better than it should be.

  2. M

    I’m trying to remember where I heard this joke recently

  3. Psychronia

    This is….really more hilarious than at first glance, the more I look at Wayne’s panel 3 face.

  4. Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person

    Now I want to use my history knowledge to stop sick burns dead in their tracks.

  5. Rolan7

    This works so well.

  6. DeusExCeteri

    Antonio Meucci, an Italian immigrant, began developing the design of a talking telegraph or telephone in 1849! Take that, Frank, you FAKE!

    Of course, Wayne could not possibly know this, so his humiliation still stands.

    • Ourorboros

      Began developing isn’t the same as finishing.
      The first successfully demonstrated telephone that Wikipedia lists is the Reis telephone in 1861.

      If it doesn’t work, then you only invented something that you hoped would be a telephone.

  7. Isaac

    Knowing frank he probably went back in time and did it himself

    • ninjabladeJr

      Thus the outfit.

      • StraightFace

        *slow clap*

  8. RBZ

    Oh, Wayne. Are you really so limited in your definitions that you cannot comprehend anyone calling without the use of telephony?

    Frank was obviously waiting for a “Who mentioned phones?” comeback.

    • Falos

      Honestly, I think Frank may be completely unaware of having pwnd Wayne.

      Just helpin’ people improve their anachronism. It’s good to have facts straight, y’know.

      Right before you time-travel to 1840 to answer a pigeonmail.

  9. MoS

    Hey, the 1850s telegraphed,
    they want their fashion back.


  10. Metathiax

    Before telephones or telegraphs(not that many people had those in there homes) if a person wanted to get in touch they could either send a letter or call (actually go to a persons house) for a visit.

    The term ‘calling card’ (as a way of identification) actually stems from this terminology because someone called on you and you weren’t around they would leave a card letting the you know they had stopped by.

  11. BMunro

    “Well DUH, Frank, _clearly_ they’re being helped by _other_ time travelers – time travelers who don’t steal people’s pants.”

  12. wrong wolf
    wrong wolf

    Oh, Wayne, you shoulda replied, “Well, duh! The 1850′s used drum communication.”

  13. LauW

    “So shut the f*ck up” xD

  14. April March
    April March

    The 1850′s obviously called their pal the 1870′s to call us. The 1870′s are very, very excited about their new toy.