612 – Extracurricular

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  1. LauW

    I never had the chance to try Squash

    • Wiseguy

      protip: start with lemon squash

  2. Ciel

    I’m surprised that Guy’s reading a magazine titled “Legal?”

    Mainly because I don’t feel like she’d care much about whether something’s legal. She’s immune to the consequences of her actions so legality is moot.

    • Ciel

      Oh, I just realized: she’s reading about the legality of certain things to figure out if it’s something she can frame Wayne for. Silly me.

      • Christopher

        Or she just prefers doing Illegal things. So it is important to know what is not illegal.

    • RBZ

      I’m surprised that Guy’s reading a magazine with the title on the front cover.

  3. Shadow Moon
    Shadow Moon

    i can see it taking wayne awhile to get his soul back, but not frank or guy.

    • NPComplete

      Satan’s not going to return something they never had in the first place. Let’s be honest – Wayne was the only one who actually had anything at stake, and that’s making the assumption that clones have souls.

      • jacknoir

        could explain both why Frank is cloning Wanes and where he gets his mad-science/paranormal Supplies.
        (from the devil for wane souls)

        of course that would mean hell is now full of Wane, all the more reason to avoid it at all cost.

  4. Alaric

    Wait… normal people don’t usually do that kind of stuff?

  5. LimeSheep

    squash is terrible theyre not missing anything

  6. Gorm13

    Where did the raptors get cellphone ringtones?

    • sumbuddy

      The raptors were scared off with ringtones, not the raptors with ringtones were scared off. Yeah, language is fuzzy like tangled ball of yarn like that. I hate it too.

    • Chris2315

      Easy: the raptors ate a bunch of people who had cellphones.

  7. Guest290832

    Squash is fun.

    • Lurlock

      I’m still trying to figure out whether they’re talking about the sport or the food. Of course knowing this comic, he could have just heard the word out of context and Luke was actually talking about the verb, as in “On Thursdays, I like to squash pigeons with a mallet.” Even the off-screen characters can be psychopaths if they want to be.

  8. Mr. Velte
    Mr. Velte

    This reminds me of what it’s like to have a good roleplaying group.

    Is that the lamest thing I’ve said? Probably not, I’m in a roleplaying group.

  9. SilverWolf

    I’m kind of afraid what Guy’s idea or “Squash” is.

    • SilverWolf

      I meant to say Guy’s idea OF squash is… I blame my keyboard.

  10. Greg White
    Greg White

    Imagine Guy getting pregnant by parthenogenesis like Mary Ann Mcfarland
    did in the novel Childsong which in set 1963.

  11. B_Munro

    There’s nothing more tedious than constant excitement. :)

  12. Greg White
    Greg White

    I bet that if Guy Wayne and Frank were ever kidnapped or held hostage
    they would end up getting Stockholm syndrome.

    • B_Munro

      Them or the kidnappers? :)

      Seriously, Wayne maybe, but I’m unsure of whether Frank or Guy are capable of empathy or sympathy for other human beings [1] in the first place.

      [1] Given how many demons she has inhabiting her, I’m not sure whether Guy collectively qualifies as a human being in the first place.

  13. Greg White
    Greg White

    If their captors felt empathy for them they would have Stockholm syndrome’s inverse Lima syndrome.

  14. Triton

    Well these are scenes I’d like to see !
    Actually I think I’d read a 2gag spin-off, more adventure-style and multiple full-length page format. The bargain with the devil and the raptor thing sound awesome !
    Sorry if my comment is hardly understandable, english is not my first language.
    Really like the webcomic !

    • phangirl

      As a matter of fact, your English is actually better than many native speakers’. Oh, lookie there; I ended a sentence with a contraction and used ‘lookie’ instead of ‘look’ because it sounded ‘funner’. xD


      *speaks in posh British accent* My dear fellow, your English is terribly good when compared to the general population of native speakers. I do agree that a canonized 2GAG spin-off would be enjoyable, but it would require a very large fanbase of people willing to do the work of writing, illustrating, publishing, ect. It wouldn’t be quite the same as Rickard’s one-shots, I’m afraid. A good day to you, sir.
      *walks off, polishing monicle* (╭ರ_•́)

  15. Kuma-sensei

    Was just thinking:

    Could Frank make Wayne pregnant with Guy´s DNS?

    I can´t imagine the Face Wayne would make, when he finds out, he is going to become father, the mother is a person who loves to hurt him and the worst of all:

    He didn´t had sex!

  16. Greg White
    Greg White

    What’s DNS?

  17. Greg White
    Greg White

    Why not have Guy Frank and Wayne visit those in prison.