639 – Dates Of The Blind

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  1. An Average Loser
    An Average Loser

    Should’ve shipped with Fed Ex.

  2. Shadow Moon
    Shadow Moon

    Ha! take that shippers!
    you just got shot down by a canon!

    • Baadar

      That is a headshot xD

  3. TecXero

    Guy’s a bit too much of an asshole to date.

    • The Other Mike
      The Other Mike

      No, she’s only an asshole to people she doesn’t like. Which just happens to be everybody.

      • aerion

        And quite definitively including Wayne.
        Well, alright, she does kinda seem to like Wayne, in a ‘fun to make fun of’ kind of way.
        As long as he’s not being too annoying anyway, and as long as she’s had plenty of coffee, and is in a good mood.
        Which is still better than most people feel towards room-mates, siblings, and others they are forced to hang out with.

        • RyGuy

          Guy has a creative dominatrix relationship with Wayne, in my estimation. Unfortunately for Wayne, part of her creativity is that he has no conscious awareness of being her gimp. She would only sleep with him if he was in a coma, and would only marry him if he was in a vegetative state. Then he would be her doll. But she would never let him realize what he is, that is her game.

          • Thisguy

            Actually, Guy would marry Wayne if he was rich and terminal. Not sure what her conditions to sleep with him would be, probably something between being fun for her, and bad for him.

      • J

        No she has nothing against Frank for instance, but still acts like a jerk to him. Just very much more so to Wayne.

  4. Shadow

    Why they not happy?

    • Ядрёныч

      Because it’s kinda disappointing to realize there’s only one person who you mate in the whole world, and it’s pretty disturbing to get to know what it’s obvious to everyone else too

    • Psychronia

      Let’s be honest. If you’re set up with either of those two, you know you’ve hit the bedrock below rock bottom.

      • Jordan

        At that point you’ve plowed through rock bottom and kept going to the Earth’s core.

    • The Laziest Username
      The Laziest Username

      Because their friends just set them up on a 3-way blind-date and 2 of them are cousins. Oh, and Guy’s a jerk who hates Wayne’s guts.

    • The Laziest Username
      The Laziest Username

      Because their friends just set them up on a 3-way blind-date and 2 of them are cousins. Oh, and Guy’s a jerk who hates Wayne’s and Lars’ guts.

      • The Laziest Username
        The Laziest Username

        Sorry about the double post, there.

  5. SomeGuy

    You’ve just become my personal hero Rickard.

  6. dreadkinch

    Well SOMEONE is going to end up blind…

    • RBZ

      Spoiler: It’s Lardo. For incorrect usage of the adjective ‘lliterally’.

      • Moose

        Wayne, too. Just because.

      • Baalzie

        Nothing wrong with his usage. It’s correct. Literally everybody else do think it’s a great idea. If you don’t agree, it doesn’t matter. You’re nobody. See? Works!

      • SomeGuy

        The dictionary definition of ‘literally’ was changed a few years ago to include being used as emphasis in a non-literal situation, so by definition the word ‘literally’ is being used correctly in the comic. Also, we literally no longer have a word which means ‘take this at face value’ in English.

        • Shadow

          You know… that was the actual reason why Guy hated it so much – because this would happen.
          If this happens few more times with other words, it will be difficult to communicate in English.

          And here you thought that Guy is always selfish and never acts for the greater good.

  7. M

    Reminds me of when 8 Bit Theater did a comic literally titled “Now Shut Up”

  8. fookiesan

    Have I not been paying attention, or have Wayne and his cousin always had band-aids instead of eyebrows?

  9. akayama

    How meta, I didn’t think this meta would happen without frank being involved. But keep it up, it’s nice to see platonic male/female friendships that don’t become romantic in fiction!

    • das-g

      “Friendship”? These two? OK, Wayne probably believes that’s what Friendship looks like.

  10. Lennier

    If they ever did hook up, the Hate Fuck would probably crack the Earths crust.

  11. Enigma

    *Face Palms* In WHAT bloody way did ANY ONE think this was a Good idea >_> even Wayne knows that would never work and only lead to his painful and bloody demise at Guys hands.

  12. Oxenforde

    *hmmm* I don’t know if this is a good idea, or a bad idea. I DO know … that there are more comments about this one strip, than any other “Two Guys” strip in recent memory.

    What does that say? If anything?

    Probably nothing.

    This message is a waste of everyone’s time. Please ignore.

  13. BMunro

    Frank was in favor of the idea because a. he has even less of an clue to what healthy human relationships are than Wayne and b. because of the possible birth of the Antichrist if it worked out.

  14. Roosterhead

    It did work. Look they are both reacting the same way. They are agreeing on something.

  15. monkshandgames

    That is a terrible idea

  16. Liar

    Ooh, so close. Better luck next time. Let’s keep emailing him.

  17. Kuma-sensei

    I am shure: If Wayne and Guy would ever make out, Guy would eat Wayne alive. Rather Frank would make the World a better place, than Guy and Frank would fall in Love. And come on Guys. Guy is a mad, evil, demonic, conscienceless monster.

  18. ilvos01

    I didn’t ship them before but now I do. They should take a kickboxing class together.

  19. Jackson

    Welp, good thing we finally got that out of the way, 639 comics in

  20. Jack Spade

    Ok, I don’t even care if this actually works, but I want a arc of these two on a date. Just them, at a bar, and maybe Lardo just sitting on a nearby table making sure they go through with it at least through the dinner.

  21. BlueMario

    C’mon, they didnt even TRY to give the date a shot.

  22. Anon

    [shipping intensifies]