664 – Foolish

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  1. Triforce of the Gods
    Triforce of the Gods

    And that’s when he missed. Image how bad it would have been if he managed to dump it on her.

    • BMunro

      Not that much worse: after all, quite a bit of this beating was for incompetence.

      • Lennier

        You make a solid point.

  2. Frank

    Awwwww, snap – and I feared that I would miss that strip – love the collaborative gag idea :)

  3. Lennier

    This clone has a death wish.

  4. Psychronia

    The bucket must have hit Wayne’s head. He actually had an eureka moment in the last panel.

    • MikeyLikesIt

      The first step is admitting you have a problem . . .

  5. Teguki

    Day after day, alone on a hill?

    • telene

      nice one, Teguki! ^_^

  6. Thyros


    Now, really, I thought this was only a Tapastic thing, but… dammit, this is way more elaborated than that… but then again, maybe not, it wasn’t such an original idea anyway

    • someboddy

      It definitely wasn’t such an original idea. I’ll even say – that was extremely unoriginal!

      • Chris

        Maybe I am the fool.

  7. Robboberty

    This is my favorite version of this gag so far.

  8. r0b3rt

    YES, you did one too! Not nearly enough of the webcomics I’m reading are in on this gag, honestly.

  9. Groger

    This is probably my favorite version on the joke ;u; I’ve been hanging around here all day, hoping you’d do one of these!

  10. NoOneImportant

    Maybe. Just maybe….

  11. Chasey

    Don’t worry, Wayne. The result would have been the same whether or not the water missed.

  12. Leon

    This is the only variant of this comic I’ve seen that actually makes sense :D

    • Seth

      Right? This fits right in with the rest of the comic, and actually has a decent punchline. The others… not so much.

  13. telene

    whoa-ho! deathbulge n 2gag had a similar april fools gag comic idea AND nearly the same written punchline panel o_O spoooooooky!

    • telene

      i was starting to suspect as much. thx to “i am arg!” for explaining the “joke”. ha! nice one web comic artists!!!

      maybe… *i* am the fool.

      iamarg . com/2016/04/01/anaprilfool/

  14. Starry

    whoa I’ve seen like the same prank and punchline through out almost all web comic artists this week. Then I read on of the comments. Oh thank goodness I read the comments first.

  15. Dan00bindahouse

    Did you collab with Andrew Gregoire on this?

  16. Moose

    They must have pumped him full of the good stuff for Wayne to finally realize that.

  17. RyGuy

    Guy criticizes unoriginality with her fists, which, ironically, makes this the most original of this synchronized “Festival of Fools”; only the greatest of fools could fail to seem as foolish as his foolish brethren.

  18. Greg White
    Greg White

    The name of the Morituri monster who was made of energy and kept in a special chamber
    isn’t given.The names of the other 3 are Victor Leroy Long Carol Rayweick and Mackintire Kenlin.