672 – Dodger

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  1. Chris the Blue
    Chris the Blue

    Guess what this explains.

    A lot.

  2. Zorella

    This is made less? more? hilarious by the fact that I had this exact conversation with a doctor once, but about crippling physical pain due to a condition said doctor both failed to diagnosis and failed to treat.

    • Not Wayne
      Not Wayne

      Did you consider getting a new doctor? Unless your name is Wayne, I’d consider getting a new doctor.

  3. Ozzie Scribbler

    What are the c hances that the doctor is one of Frank’s creations?

  4. The NinjaBear
    The NinjaBear

    That window…

    Does he go to a therapist who works off of a boat?

    • Outis

      Pirates have problems too. They try to talk about it with their parrots, but hearing it all back again just makes it worse.

  5. JD