691 – When To Science

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  1. Psychronia

    …Yeah, no yeah. I triple checked it and everything seems to be in order for me.

    It’s so meaningful, yet simplistic. Truly, Frank is the most brilliant mind of the ages.

    • Christopher

      The simplicity was propably partially inspired by Wayne himself, back in the Comic about sports.

  2. NoOneImportant

    “Truly the greatest mind of our generation”

  3. João Lucas
    João Lucas

    Of note: Guy is unhurt.

    • Chris

      Of course Guy is unhurt, I feel sorry for all the sharks that tried to attack her.

    • Wizard

      She had a bigger boat.

      • SrPilha

        ^winnnnn :D

    • Psychronia

      Somewhere, one flying shark with shotgun wounds on its tail and a sword in its side is saying to another “We need to get some bigger wings”

    • wiseguy

      of course she is, we are only talking about flying sharks

  4. Macumazahn

    Why would anyone complain about flying sharks?

    • ThatThing

      Makes it harder to put them in a tornado.

      • Shadow Moon
        Shadow Moon

        thats only if you don’t have the right bait

  5. someboddy

    “Science isn’t about *why* – it’s about *why not*. *Why* is so much of our science dangerous? Why not *marry* safe science if you love it so much? In fact, why not invent a special safety door that won’t hit you in the butt on the way out, because *you are fired!* Not you, test subject. You’re doing fine. Yes, *you*. Box. Your stuff. Out the front door. Parking lot. Car. Goodbye.”

    – Cave Johnson

    • chris2315

      I feel like Cave Johnson and Frank would get along so well.

  6. Javer

    Is that something anybody says – “the math tracks”? I think it would be “the math checks out”, but maybe I’m showin’ my ignorance of other people’s vernacular.

    • Chione

      I hate to be difficult, but I’m with you there.
      Google was no help in the matter.

      • Somebody

        As somebody who compulsively says the wrong phrase intentionally, provided the intent of the sentence remains evident: was this alternative unclear?

        • Chione

          No. I knew what he was getting at. Just seemed like weird wording and I wasn’t sure if it was just me or an actual thing.

  7. BMunro

    The question mark gives the equation an air of uncertainty Cave Johnson would never approve of.

  8. NPComplete

    Mad science means never having to ask “what’s the worst that could happen?”

    • Psychronia

      Correction. Mad science is when the worst thing that could happen is not getting to do it.

  9. RBZ

    Those Flying sharks’ wings are obviously just decorative. Frank’s given them ultra-positive buoyancy, probably through enlarged helium bladders.

  10. ThatOneACGLoser

    I always find it amusing how Guy and Frank never end up hurt and Wayne at this point could be a doctor with how much he goes to the hospital.

    • Psychronia

      If Wayne got a medical degree, it would pay for itself solely on the hospital bills it saves him on.

  11. Jackson

    I’m reminded of a really old book by the name of “There’s a Shark in Charlie’s window”

  12. Wyrd Darcnyzz
    Wyrd Darcnyzz

    Necessity is the mother of invention. “Because it’s SO COOL” is its slightly deranged aunt.