706 – Label Maker

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  1. Psychronia

    Wow. She’s really still around. I hope this is actually a new addition like Lars and not just a jab at everyone wanting her to stick around.

  2. Baadar

    This shit is priceless xD

  3. Bad Taiming
    Bad Taiming

    I for one am happy she is only a sociopath and not a colored hair feminist or SJW. Poor wayne might have a chance to survive her.

    • Betrayer

      Obvious troll is obvious

  4. Eight

    I forsee her having pretty good dynamics with the three mains.
    She has potential conversation topics with Frank, ‘girls nights out’ with Guy, and can mess with Wayne’s head.

    In fact, since she doesn’t use ‘labels’, she might actually get closer to Frank than him, having more in common, but knowing Wayne he would still believe he had a girlfriend; triggering a downward spiral into crippling depression.

    • dragonpjb

      He is clearly already there.

  5. Loki

    It’s amazing how Guy has 3 different facial expressions here solely based on the amount of teeth she shows. Thats a true proficiency there.

    • telene

      don’t forget the simple addition of the “behind-the-body-arm raised expressively” trick. mr. Drunken-Novice is no, uh, well, novice when it comes to using identical character drawings for all three panels, with 1-2 minor changes to add visual variety.

      /squeaky new yoik accent
      eyyyy, it woiks!

    • Rolan7

      Woah, good eye!

  6. Big Bobby Kay
    Big Bobby Kay

    It would be funny if that girl that randomly moved into Wayne’s apartment all the sudden showed back up

    • JCAll

      Oh, we have got to get those two together.

  7. SykeStryker

    I love this character.

  8. LitLiteBurn

    Ques que les f****ing papillon???

    • RBZ

      It’s part of her dress.

    • Vermilion

      Może to kokarda …w każdym razie jakaś ozdoba sukni.

  9. -skimmer-

    The subtle torture seems to be working.

  10. Gurk

    Big fan of the new, pink-haired girl.

  11. matt

    Keep her around, love death…..wow double meaning there.

  12. Kol Drake
    Kol Drake

    I like Emily/Death/Pink Haired Girl. She seems like the perfect foil for Guy and the two guys.

    • RBZ

      So, you’re saying she’s probably one of Frank’s experiments that actually got away?

  13. Syhkane