713 – Vanquishing The Darkness

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  1. Stephen

    Wayne leaves. Guy emerges from the kitchen “its about goddamn time!”

    • :P

      probably is frank and not guy

      • JadedDragoon

        Why not both?

        • SrPilha

          Are they _really_ two different entities? o_O’

          • shadowmoon

            well, guy and wayne are just figments of franks imagination so there is that

  2. Jchops

    Bro… i love her even more now… can we kept her??

    • polarknight537

      Yeah, she better fucking become a permanent character like Wayne’s cousin Lars did.

  3. Saber101

    Hello darkness my old friend

    • NoNameFred


  4. Psychronia

    There was a smudge on my monitor that made me thing there was actual dark mist coming out of Death’s hand.

    But nah, Wayne is too gross for the darkness to hang around.

    • Anon

      Yo momma so ugly it ruins my phone reception.

  5. Bad Taiming
    Bad Taiming

    Wayne saves the world by being so lame the evil can’t stand being around her.

  6. zonalklism

    Soon as Wayne leaves: I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE!

  7. Big Bobby Kay
    Big Bobby Kay

    I was annoyed by the decreasing frequency of new jokes but this joke definitely made up for it.

    And as I wrote that comment, I realized, what am I complaining about, it’s not like I am paying anything for this….

  8. Person Atlas
    Person Atlas

    Cousy? …

    • Ganurath

      Yet another reason for Guy to hate what comes out of Wayne’s mouth: his stupid speech quirks.

    • Continuity

      Couch-Comfy-Cozy, Cousy.

      A classic portmanteau. (look it up).

    • Honzinator

      “Cousy” because perhaps the letterer is Canadian or some other British subject when it comes to how things are spelt and what colour to use in expositive conversation … and because Wayne and Death are cousins!!
      Also, I just noticed Death’s bone art.

  9. Cousy


  10. Frank

    Ah I See the Guy Clone I Made for Wayne is doing well.

  11. SomeUnregPunk

    woah. Her pupils disappeared.

    • Thunder

      Not quite. They just got really small and hard to see because she’s looking at her watch, which puts them almost right up against the edge of her eyes, so you have to look closely.

      Though I have no doubt that they will disappear if Wayne stays much longer and she loses her patience. The darkness is very sensitive and feels neglected easily, and it takes forever to reassure it.

  12. Larkle

    I love the decor of her place. It really fits with her aesthetic.

  13. NoOneImportant

    Let him say a little longer, he’s recovering from the beating your other boyfriend gave him.

    • B_Munro

      Well, he _looks_ OK. Perhaps he heals fast, or maybe her other boyfriend beats him to death and this is just the latest Wayne clone.

  14. Rock

    And yet, in spite of the final panel’s punchline, this manages to be one of the most endearing pages of the comic.
    Stick with this one, Wayne. There is currently no one better in your life.

  15. Shadow

    Wayne’s expressions are the best.

  16. Bleh

    In a weird way, this seems to be working out for them. Given the company Wayne hangs around and given her… uniqueness, they seem to have formed a rather stable dynamic.

  17. Baadar

    Ok, this girl is awesome, i like that she’s a bit like Guy, but in a different way, she can be nice to Wayne while being bitchy at the same time…now all we need is someone that tries to go entirely against the way Guy is…wait…i think that would be Lars now that i think about it O.o