Hiatus Explenation

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  1. Pater Aendersen
    Pater Aendersen

    It’s so great that you are back. I miss you and your comics. I told and showed the comics my friends and we love them. You aren’t only popular in the U.S.A., we live in Germany and Netherland.

  2. LauW

    I kept checking every single day, I never doubted your comeback.

  3. Psychronia

    It’s been a whole time. Yes.

    I can’t even count the number of times I’ve checked on this site for updates this year. I can’t afford to spare anything myself, but it’s good to at least know what’s going on.
    Hopefully we’ll see something again at some point-sooner than later.

  4. Wurm_King

    oh my god your back

    • bobo1618

      What?? What’s wrong with his back??

  5. Spuds

    Hey man, good to see your comic back. Sorry you struggled with depression. It’s a thing a lot of webcomic artists face, so at least you aren’t alone. Good luck with your patreon.

  6. Gaboris

    WOO! You’re back!
    I was thinking about moving the comic to the “passive” pile in my comic list, but you’re just in time so keep up the good work and can’t wait to see new content again. :D

    Looking at the Patreon I’d say that’s a fair deal. Getting charged per pages and after an amount is reached is a good way for comics to work I’d say. I might drop in on it later on. :)

  7. erejnion

    Well, I think we’re going towards the “500 patrons pledging 1 dollar”, teehee.

    • erejnion

      Also, what the hell, I hadn’t even checked the site in months! On a whim I decided to come here again today.

      This is fate, truly.

  8. AnAverageLoser

    You’re back. All is well in the cosmos once again. . .

  9. anon

    ah, good. I was hoping you’d come back someday, glad to see my constant rechecking paid off

  10. shadowmoon522

    its been 3000 years…
    i didn’t even get an email notification for a new comic, instead i got an email from twitter about the tweet, had to go though the link in the tweet to get here and then another link to his patron…
    also looks like we’re getting a CAD style reboot

  11. TimeRyderAndTheChronoTeens

    So, what I’m seeing is that you got badly depressed. And I’m very sorry that happened. Updates weren’t THAT important, but dropping off the face of the earth was a punch to our faces. And now, I’m seeing that money is getting involved. Well, on behalf of all broke-ass US college students, I’d like the chance to collectively say “WHAT THE FUCK, MAN!”. Not cool.

    Now I have to pray beyond prayer and hope beyond hope that there’s enough fans remaining who have money that can pay for more comics.

    Thanks for screwing me over, as if this net neutrality bullshit wasn’t bad enough.

    • Psychronia

      …Excuse you?

      As another broke US college student that you’re apparently speaking on behalf of, I can only take offense to this.

      Granted, Rickard could’ve handled the sudden absence better and the issue of net neutrality IS bullshit, but that’s absolutely no excuse for acting as if he’s “screwing you over”.

      Before, he was drawing a comic for anyone who felt like reading. For. Free. And that was a lifestyle that was killing him. Now, he’s trying to readjust to something between what we’ve had in the past year.

      So no, he doesn’t owe anyone anything, his whole patreon is set up to make sure he’s accountable to anything he owes, and he’s not “screwing you over” when it’s just him trying to find a healthy “normal” that he should’ve been using to begin with.