716 – The Anniversary

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  1. Panini

    I LOVE the new art style

  2. Fotis

    Guy looks less evil. Not sure if it’s the art or just this one strip

    • jeffepp

      It’s the coffee.

    • erejnion

      Guy is cuter, it’s the artstyle.

      Though why you would think cuter means less evil is beyond me. The most evil and terrifying things are always cute: look at the Teletubbies for example.

  3. Mark

    I can’t tell if this is a stalking joke or a comic hiatus joke.

    • Gaboris

      Well I thought it was just meta, but now I’m also not sure anymore. XD

      • Billeh

        Why not both?

  4. Veronika

    I love the kitty’s face. Either it’s happily oblivious or very evil. I assume the latter :)

    • WLP

      I’m kind of hoping the kitty turns out to BE The One Who Devours.

  5. Psychronia

    Aww. That’s so sweet. You know she’s evil because she gave an adorable living thing to someone like Wayne, right in front of Guy.

    I’m also surprised how much Death seems to like Wayne.

  6. FixenFrøjte

    very nice, i dont realy fancy the pink eyes tho. like, what eyes are pink??

    • SrPilha

      Clearly you haven’t met someone who would feed you to The One Who Devours.
      *Those* eyes are pink. Pink as hell, quite literally.

    • Skorpeyon

      Well, it was voted on by the patreons, who paid for the comic, so just be happy they were willing to pay for it? I know I am. I missed this comic.

    • Lani

      I assume she’s wearing coloured contacts

  7. Anar

    Pink eyes are a sign of pink eye, a medical condition. However, I think E’s eyes are supposed to be violet. You’ve heard of ‘violet eyes to die for.’ Well, Wayne may get the chance.

  8. Tip Topp
    Tip Topp

    Glad you are back at it!

  9. Brand X
    Brand X

    She sounds like a keeper!

  10. Mike

    Man it feels so good (you to) be back! Didn’t realize how much I missed this comic

  11. RBZ

    Good work on remembering the “of” in panel 3, Rickard. Too often these days people omit it and read like idiots.

  12. prime_pm

    Good to have you back! I just knew if i kept coming back every day, just maybe you might make a big return.

    Actually, I kept coming back using your site as a portal for Super Redundant and Zombie Roomie, but details.

  13. NoOneImportant

    Wow, is the comic really coming back? I just clicked this site by accident, i did NOT expect to see it updating again. So hyped

  14. Somebody

    I’m a college student with no income right now and can’t justify even small commitments, but I just wanted to say I’m so, so glad that you’re back. This is one of those comics that I kept on checking even after it stopped updating, just in case. Your sense of humor is incredibly helpful for me.
    That said, I’m also incredibly glad that you stopped to begin with, if it really was that big a strain on your mental health. I know from experience how much getting income from something you love (for me, massage therapy) can affect your day-to-day sense of worth, so I hope that this experiment is rewarding for you.

  15. Isaac

    I wish I was loved by someone enough to not be fed to the one who devours

  16. MeingroessterFan

    Oh hey. I discovered this comic about a month or two ago, read the whole thing, fell in love with Frank in particular, and then was a little bit sad when I saw it was dead. Now I randomly decide to check it again on good faith, and would you look at that, it’s back! Thank you for undergoing the arcane rituals it took to revive it!