718 – Cold Burn

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  1. RBZ

    Ha! I can see proto-Wayne inferring proto-Guy’s implied intention incorrectly!

    • Thunder

      Actually… I don’t think that’s proto-Wayne that proto-Guy is talking to.

      I think that’s proto-Frank.

      Unless I’m completely misreading what you think is going on here.

      • Lainon

        it’s not proto frank it’s just frank

        • Ryguy

          ‘Jones’ of “Gunnerkrigg Court” is the “Wandering Eye”, ‘Frank’ is the “Wandering Eyeless Meddeler”.

  2. some guy
    some guy

    not surprised, that in a town full of, murderers, morally grey scientist, assholes, satanist, and people who just want to watch the world burn, that this is the reason for settling

    • SrPilha

      Sure, but you’ll notice *whose* ancestor it was who gave the idea.

      Not that I’m surprised by that either, mind.

  3. Jack

    I like a strip where I can realistically ask the “Ancestors or time travel?” question.

  4. Lorik the devourer of souls
    Lorik the devourer of souls

    I like Guys ancestor. I wonder if that was Frank’s ancestor or just Frank, probably just Frank.

  5. Psychronia

    The spite and gleeful malice is in her blood…

  6. Josh Spicer
    Josh Spicer

    I realize that this is the shipper in me talking here but I gotta say that it’s nice to see they’ve known each other long enough to question why BOTH their ancestors settled down in that town. It really puts into place how long they’ve known each other (and Guy puts up with their shit at the same time Wayne takes her shit).