721 – In Character

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  1. They Call Me Al Because I Tell Them To
    They Call Me Al Because I Tell Them To

    There are 3 separate kinks I could shame him for right now and I elect to do so for all them them concurrently.

  2. Gravex2099

    Wait, where is the strip of the Halloween party? Guy dressed as Wayne, and getting his girl? WHERE IS THIS GOLD?!?

    • Agera

      that”s (part of) the joke.

  3. Lennier

    When Guy is better at dicking your girlfriend than you are.

  4. wiseguy

    I assume Wayne went as Emelie…

  5. Anarcissie

    Wouldn’t being ‘committed to the bit’ require Guy to f*ck up in some way consistent with the character? Which seems to create a serious conflict between the performer and the performance.

  6. Antoine

    I am not sure if I get the joke here, but I am guessing that it is that what Wayne would rather not say is that Emelie was very pleased with Guy’s sexual performance last night, not aware that it was actually Guy and not Wayne, so now Emelie is disappointed in the actual Wayne. Do you agree? Do you have an alternate theory?

    • Christopher

      That or not being allowed to watch.

    • Katie

      I thought that too. And this might not have been intended, but I also got the idea that it was about Emelie not being able to tell the difference between Wayne and dickless “Wayne,” which could imply Wayne’s wang is very very small.

  7. Josh Spicer
    Josh Spicer

    Oh cool, yeah, this is…this is funny. Yeah. Yeah? Yeah.

    Maybe next time it’ll be.

  8. Kentiam

    Really glad 2GAG is back! Missed it big time!

    A very enjoyable read. Thanks for all the time and work spent creating it!

  9. Jack Stamper
    Jack Stamper

    This joke isn’t that obvious…first I thought it was just “Guy had sex with Waynes girlfriend”, but his reaction seemed…unfitting for that. He knows something Guy doesn’t, it seems. So…my guess is, he went as Emily. And therefore got pegged by Guy. Probably while thinking it was Emily pegging him.

    • Pishposh

      Wayne isn’t mad that Guy had sex with his girlfriend. Wayne is mad that they had sex and didn’t let him watch. Hence the phrasing of “no one around to witness the act”.

      • Anthony

        The more I think about it, Pishposh, the more I agree with your interpretation.

        • gfsgggre

          Also, notice Wayne’s blush.

  10. Soulless1

    Glad you’re back! I couldn’t get the explanation to load, but based on comments: we love you, and hope you continue in health, physical and mental.

  11. Bro

    Something in the way that cup is drawn just gives me an irresistible urge to get myself a hot, flavored drink.
    You’ve gotta commercialize on that somehow, you know.