722- Assassinatron Deluxe

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  1. Josh Spicer
    Josh Spicer

    Guy knows. Time to take out another one.

  2. C0Mmander

    Why was she going to push that button?

    • SKy

      Shiny button syndrome.
      That bright red button just begs you to be pushed, doesn’t it? It’s so easy, too! Just reach out your hand and lay your finger on it. Then – gently – push it in. That shiny, red, pushable button. You know you want to…

    • Mark

      You’re new to this comic, aren’t you?

    • Azmodan

      You really can’t think of ANYONE right now, that you wouldn’t use that button on?

      Not a single person?

      • Azmodan

        Er, *would use.

    • Xone

      Because George Jetson isn’t around to push it?

  3. Kaijp

    I like that it’s just plugged into the wall. Efficient planet destroying right there.

    • Forecaster

      Assuming Mark’s outlets are even hooked up to the grid instead of an undetermined source of his own making

      • Me

        Surely he wouldn’t be so DANGEROUSLY IRRESPONSIBLE as to use a standard electrical outlet for something other than the rated wattage. I mean, imagine the potential chaos if someone plugged their laptop charger into that doomsday outlet and it offered 220V instead of the apparent 110V. It might cause a FIRE.

  4. Emzy

    The best part is how it just plugs right into the wall for power.

  5. Carlos

    The most worrisome of this strip is Guy’s left leg.

    • C0Mmander

      Good catch.

  6. Christopher

    Frank, there is a difference between “anybody” and “everybody”.
    Considering you are in the “everybody” group you really should focus some attention on that part.

    • RBZ

      Frank knows what he’s doing. Bigger market for an ‘anybody’ killer than for an ‘everybody’ killer.

    • Wizard

      It’s unlike Frank to overlook such an obvious flaw in his plan. The best theory I can come up with is that he planned to sell as many Assassinatrons as possible, then leave the planet before any of them were delivered.

  7. Mr Holiday
    Mr Holiday

    I’d take him seriously, if it didn’t slot into the power grid.

    wait a minute . . .