724 – Uncle Wallace

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  1. David

    Ah yes, when a grandparent has another kid. Messes up generations.

    Marginally related I heard “well, I can get behind being a great grandma now. But my kid being grandpa is just weird.” To be fair, the kid being not yet 40, his own daughter having been a high school accident meeting the Clinton definition of not having had sex.

  2. petitemoi

    No more babies is the family to attract attention. Now they remember I exist and engage conversation with me, aaarg…

  3. Commander

    Good to see Lardo’s back.

  4. wiseguy

    You can unselect your family, technically (not legally though)

  5. Jack Faire
    Jack Faire

    I married the youngest girl in a family her older siblings had daughters only a couple of years younger literally. I became a Great Uncle at age 26.

    I had never had a Great Uncle or Aunt my only exposure was stories from where I was a kid where that person would always be really old.

  6. RBZ

    Y’see? This is what happens when Mick Jagger latest wife is young than his eldest child!

  7. Anon200

    My family is like this my oldest uncle is almost 20 years older then my mother

  8. SKy

    Yeah, I know family weirdness like that. My mother’s youngest cousin is to the day exactly 11 years younger than me…

  9. RyGuy

    The implication of his last statement suggests that Wayne does not get along well with his new Step-Grandma, probably out of burning jealousy that their grandpa had no trouble getting back into the dating scene after their grandmother died. That machismo skipped Wayne, along with most other practical skills.

  10. Hart of Stone
    Hart of Stone

    My dad, the youngest in his family, had so many siblings that by the time he was born, some of his oldest siblings had already grown up, gotten married, and had kids by the time he was born. Plus, I’m pretty sure none of his siblings are adopted or half/step siblings, nor are his nieces and nephews adopted or from other marriages, our family is just kinda crazy.

    Also on his side, I’m closer to my youngest aunt’s grandkids in age than I am to her own kids. Family gatherings are both very large and very confusing.

  11. Kentiam

    I just have to say.

    I’m so glad 2GAG is back. My Cynical side has deeply missed this :)

  12. MeingroessterFan

    I expected the joke to be about how Wayne and Uncle Wallace are so very alike. Needless to say my expectations were confounded.

  13. Lorik the devourer of souls
    Lorik the devourer of souls

    Wallace is truly an asshole