726 – After Mac

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  1. Rig

    I love this damn comic.

  2. Argondr

    Death and Wayne are one of the cutest couples around <3
    And Frank is just… Frank

  3. Creature

    What do you mean updates will slow? You’ve been on a two month hiatus even with your patreon up. Maybe if you actually put up content periodically, it won’t go down.

    • Irrelevant

      I just want to thumbs up this comment.

      • hellsheep

        Doesn’t his Patreon say people will only get charged when comics come up (not per month for eg)? So I don’t see the problem there.

        • ENDG4MER

          The problem is that non-consistent production means non-consistent charges, which can easily lead to inconvenience for patrons. Doing it this way for his own convenience is naturally going to drive people away.

    • Norri

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Mike

      This. Webcomics that update so sporadically lose readers.

      Also I don’t get the joke in this strip, damn me…

      • SKy

        Emily got Frank (as the guy who’s so smart you don’t question him on scientific facts) to tell Wayne how hellishly bad the afterlife is. That is supposed to scare him into trying to stay alive as long as possible – like living healthier and keeping up with his diet.

  4. Andrea A.D.
    Andrea A.D.

    Wow, no one else in my house got this. Mind, they don’t read the comic and the only real context they were given was “One is a complete dumbass and the other highly intelligent.”

    • Honzinator

      As in real life, all that smartness and authority is used for a truly noble end … keeping someone’s boyfriend acceptably thin and eating “the right” foods.