727 – Worth It

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  1. jeffepp

    So, this implies that Wayne isn’t a virgin. And, that he wasn’t one before he and Death met. And, that they aren’t in an exclusive relationship.

    • lorikthedevourerofsouls

      He have hade sex at least three times. One was with a guy who Guy wanted to know how long his D**k was.

      • Somebody

        Three times? I only remember the time he and Guy were talking about pregnancy. That means he’s had sex twice in the course of this comic. Impressive.

        • Death_Scyther77

          Well, no. He said that their might be two little Waynes running around. When Guy seemed impressed that Wayne had sex twice, he stated that twins run in the family, implying that he had sex once. However, this could all be inaccurate and could just mean the number of times he had sex without a condom. Probably not though, since we’re talking about Wayne.

  2. Bad Taiming
    Bad Taiming

    Truly a comic that should have way more people reading it. The art is great and the stories are cool.

    • Synar

      And with 3 strips in the last year and half. No offense, but it’s mostly dead nowadays.

      • Tenebi

        Reason of the low amount of strips being not enough people are contributing to his patreon. The artist need time to work on pages, and with enough support which can give him enough to live on, he can take time to make more pages.
        With low founding, he need to work a job in order to pay the bills/food.

        • chris2315

          You realize his Patreon is set to “per creation,” right? The amount of money he makes is literally dependent on the amount of strips he posts.

        • Rabbit

          I love the comic, but come on… Even with little time one can create more than one comic per several months. Especially considering how a lot of the characters have barely any difference from panel to panel. I fully support Drunken Novice on the decision he makes for his own creation, it’s his show and he calls the shots, but he’s been pretty open about his decisions and making up excuses on his behalf is pretty pointless, imo. If he doesn’t feel like forcing himself to update on a regular basis, it’s all his decision and we can either accept it or just drop the title. That’s it! That’s all there is to it! No need to play it all complex with the “need time” when the art for the comic is not the most high-maintenance thing in the world.

        • The NinjaBear
          The NinjaBear

          Last I checked, his Patreon is high enough that if he posted three times every two weeks he’d make more than I. Three a week would generate a healthy income no matter which part of the country he lived in.

  3. Raen

    Honestly? I just want the comic to be Death and her boyfriends, sacrificial or long-term (Wayne obviously among them… and Guy apparently).

  4. The Frito Bandito
    The Frito Bandito

    Can’t help but feel like you tried to hold the comic ransom on your last comment. Not only did you threaten that your posting would slow down if you dipped under a certain level, but you still took more than a month to post even though it didn’t fall under that level. I don’t care about a slow update. It’s a free comic after all. I don’t appreciate the tactics for bringing in patreon subs though.