730 – Mustacherade

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  1. The Great Leader
    The Great Leader

    The best part is how Wayne managed to get a kit that includes a mustache such as the middle one on the left.

    • RBZ

      Because the manufacturers are Charlie Chaplin fans?

  2. jeffepp

    Oooh, new character! She needs a name. How about “Gal”?

    • Frith Ra

      Actually, she is a “Bar Gal,” so some play on that would work. But I don’t see her as more than a one off, or occasional bit part.

      • RBZ

        Or call her Bea. But never Bar Bea. Not within earshot, anyway.

  3. J1r2000

    Good to see the author is trying Webb toons and not webtoons

  4. Arii

    Wouldn’t Frank have a mustache machine or something?

  5. Marscaleb

    This one made me laugh out loud!