731 – Photography

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  1. Gavin Huddleston
    Gavin Huddleston

    Huh. Just me, or is the art different?

  2. Piggytater

    Any day Twogag posts a new comic is a day of joy. :-D

  3. Shauna

    I like it when you draw people full-body. Don’t see it very often.

  4. RBZ

    No clones allowed on Themyscira.

  5. LauW

    I hate to say this but: Could someone explain me the joke ?

  6. Arii

    The joke is, that guy (the shop clerc) at the end told him that women would get naked for him, if he told them he were a fotographer. And now he got beaten up and he’s gonna get it again with a “not defective” camera! ;D

    The new artstyle is great btw.

    • LauW

      Okay, so I actually understood that it was not funny :/