036 – Romance

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  1. The Card

    This happens every time I have a science-savvy friend accompany me on a date. One would think I’d learn my lesson after 347 consecutive rejections.

    • Mongoose

      no you justhalf to find a sciency girl

  2. Ume-chan

    Wait, so stuff like that isn’t considered to be romantic?

    • Mongoose

      depnds on the girl

    • technecat

      Personally, I think geek/nerd babble is adorable.

  3. ade

    I find it was a nice gesture. I meant Getting rid of the girl. Who would say such things? “Likes eyes” Were’s the nose, mouth and, at the very least, frontal lobe?

  4. Atlas

    Oh? … You also have an irregular heartbeat Mr.D-N?

    • Drunken-Novice

      Never trust anything I write in the description section, I’m just trying to be funny.

  5. MrGBH

    No, it still doesn’t make sense why he would want to do that.