040 – Breakdown

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  1. The Card

    For some reason, seeing one of the main characters at a job weirds me out.

  2. Master of Dudes
    Master of Dudes

    Who says she works there? =P

  3. gaboris

    Ya know the funny thing is that I could TOTALLY imagine the people at the place I worked (as part of collage education) be like that if the coffee machine broke down… although they MAY’ve just startred a mad rampage instead. :D

    BTW hi! New reader here. :3

  4. Miss Mustache

    too true U_U

  5. Derp

    Did her bum implode out of horror in panel two? :p

    I keed. Keep up the good work, I hope you get add revenue or smth, you deserve some cash for what you’re putting out here.

  6. Atlas


  7. jynksie

    Thank christ that can never happen to me! I have a Starbucks in my building as backup! o.O I am a total caffeineaholic!