041 – Unexpected Turn

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  1. ADHadh

    And Frank’s apparently cool with this.

  2. The Card

    A similar misunderstanding took place when I abducted the bride-to-be at a wedding shower. Thankfully, I’m allowed to read (and produce) web comics in prison.

  3. Rnd

    You made a typo and turned this into the 941st comic. Congratulations on over 900 strips, you’ve gone a long way in such little time!

    • Drunken-Novice

      Pfft, you’re seeing things!
      I’ve never made a tpyo in my life!

  4. Kektklik

    039, 040, 941… Dang. You’re old!

  5. Mizu Sahara
    Mizu Sahara

    All baby showers somehow end up like that, Wayne.

  6. MrGBH

    Awwww, baby’s first high-speed car chase. The (Police) photos will obviously hold a special place in the family albums.

  7. Housing estate
    Housing estate

    Frank is seriously the best character from anything. Period.

  8. Managarn

    Havent laughed this hard in a while. Frank emotionless’s face through a car crash and a shoutout is just priceless

  9. Atlas

    I had a cousin who went to a baby shower that ended like that.
    God rest his soul.

  10. Jkun

    Great stuff as always!!